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  1. honestly, she's so cute speaking french! maybe not the best grammar or pronunciation, but she's always trying also how many of us frenchies are on this forum lmao
  2. we need the era to keep going; sm things are still yet to be fully discovered: the tribes, etc. waiting for more visuals n stuff (also I hope my baby chromatica tv will come to life eventually)
  3. that actually makes more sense! the current packaging design stays pretty good and doesn't feel generic so its a win
  4. 1. ARTPOP 2. Born This Way 3. The Fame Monster 4. Chromatica 5. ASIB 6. Joanne 7. The Fame 8. Cheek to Cheek (never got into it, but still excited to hear jazz records from gaga)
  5. wtf these are SO cool why did gaga turned these designs down? they totally fit the chromatica aesthetic
  6. this is so fckng great omg, the colors match the vm's and the dimensions are just perfect, good job fr!
  7. dead to me, ahs, friends (ofc), brooklyn 99, derry girls and russian doll are Netflix perfection
  8. i thought the rom video would be rly different and have a brighter aesthetic than the actual (dark-ish) but im really happy the video turned out to be this way!
  9. princess die, brooklyn nights and hollywood are the best
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