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  1. I'm a HUGE Dorian Electra fan and I'm really hoping Blood isn't trolling! Some of my favorite Dorian tracks are Jackpot, Flamboyant, Guyliner, Tool 4 U, Barbie Boy, Iron Fist, and the title track of their last album: My Agenda. Their visuals are really their strong suite in my opinion- check out the music videos for Guyliner and Man to Man! An icon on the rise.
  2. I like quite a few of them - Eh, Eh (Petshop Boys) , Lovegame w/ MM before he was cancelled, Bad Romance (Starsmith remix) and the Sheisse Mugler version ofc. But the standout for me is this one - You & I - (Metronomy) It feels haunting, deep, and ethereal
  3. Omg hi AGAIN baby! I came over today with Babs on Rocket no. 9 from... the old world... I'm Tay! 24, she/her, Monster since summer of 09 when I was just 12 ! I'm from Illinois, got to see the Chicago ARTrave and have tix for the Chromatica Ball if/when it happens there as well. I am a visual artist, vegan, alcohol free, and mother of MANY animals :) I also stan Mood Killer and Dorian Electra pretty actively, so if you're in those communities, you may know me as well! Would love to make new friends too! Feel free to follow my socials :)
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