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  1. The listening party is literally the best!
  2. I love all the merch, I’m seriously looking to buying some!
  3. I really hope she went to Ariana’s wedding!
  4. thank you so much for the opportunity to join this contest! It’s a great way to achieve active Little Monsters.
  5. Call me generic but Plastic Doll blew my mind, it was the exact bubble gum pop I needed from her.
  6. Rumor but heard Nothing on but the radio was gonna be on ARTPOP ACT II , I’d die to hear the official versikn
  7. Love me right! I die for that song, that’s such a beautiful and honest song. Along w 1000 doves!
  8. I’m happy with where my life is at right now, I’m in a relationship, and i couldnt be happier. I have my own place, staying safe , and quarantining w my loved one.
  9. When it comes to toxic friendships, I try to stay 1000 feet away. I’ve dealt with my fair shares of toxic friendship and never again will I trust someone. It’s so disheartening when people aren’t who you saw them as. Especially the ones you think are life long friends.
  10. I’ve constantly felt neglect from my mother and father. Especially w my mother. Unfortunately, I’ve gotten a pretty young mother, a mother that I grew up with. So growing up, not all was appropriately done. I deal with abandonment issues, I’m now in a relationship that feels like I will be abandoned even thought that’s not the case.
  11. The relationship with my parents right now is getting a lot better. For years, I’ve resented my parents and family. They were so dysfunctional and angry all the time. It was unhealthy for me. I wanted and needed different but how when that’s all the family you have? I went through all kinda of ups and downs with my family only just to circle back around and forgive and forget.
  12. I’ve always refused therapy, always. I never thought I needed it. Turns out therapy could be for the best, it could be good for you. It’s just someone to talk to. Everyone needs someone to talk to. A person who doesn’t know one thing about you, clean slate. Talks
  13. Dealing with quarantine is something new to all of us. I’ve never been so scared to go outside and interact in my life. I’m so scared of getting sick, I fear for everyone that goes outside and exposes themselves, especially the ones who don’t believe in wearing masks. I just want this pandemic to be over, I want to stop feeling fear. Anyone relate?
  14. When i heard that this was one of the plans for the Chromatica era, i just about died. Im a huge gamer and the fact that gaga was gonna incorporate herself inside a video game blew my mind because i was finally glad she was crossing over to different departments of entertainment. I hope she revisits the idea.
  15. I’m definitely here for the free woman 2021 edit, it was fierce.
  16. Please tell me if anyone remembers these merch items from the beginning. I dont expect to find them on here, but i definently feel like these are lost & forgotten merch thay dont deserve to be forgotten. Would die if gaga brought them back to the store which will never happen. Lol comment below if you remember!!!!
  17. Ooo I love it!!! The blends of color is perfect, the heeeeels!! 😍😍
  18. I seriously can’t wait for this movie to come out, the wait is literally killing me. She is serving in every single photo I’ve seen. I just can’t wait to see her back on the big screen, she’s definitely coming for the oscars.
  19. the fact that no one has said the Lady Gaga Disco Cross Necklace and the Lady Gaga Bolt Necklace blows my mind, I will forever look and miss those necklaces, used to own both.
  20. oh my gosh, just my thread, I just started collecting Gaga items. I was able to get my hands on some rare official born this way buttons.
  21. My anxiety literally keeps me from going outside and I have such a terrible time dealing with it. Does anyone have any tips on dealing w anxiety? I personally can’t keep feeling like this. It’s so heart wrenching.
  22. Today has been great! My Lady Gaga the Fame Blue Vinyl just came in and it’s so beautiful! How’s everyone’s day?
  23. Gaga could say the smallest thing, and my day would just brighten up. Crazy or not, Gaga helps w my mental health. She does a lot, and I couldn’t imagine the weight on her. We expect so much from her, we can’t forget her mental health as well.
  24. would love love love love to be a model for your merch!
  25. Just a heads up, you’re able to order Limited Edition Chromatica Oreos on Oreo.com in the US. Just in case you can’t find any in stores.
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