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  1. Oh I’m just talkin about the playlist I’ll make with Act 2 songs I will say though I wish they would replace Jewels N’ Drugs with something new. I love the song and it’s unfortunate because I didn’t use to. The reason it may be best to remove it is because apparently TI is acting really inappropriate with his daughter and I’m afraid of another DWUW issue. Maybe something trance and dark and featuring Grimes. Grimes is great. Ok basically both TI and Too $hort are in trouble for sexual misconduct. Twista seems good though
  2. Manifesting tracklist Aura, Venus, G.U.Y., Sexxx Dreams, Jewels N’ Drugs, MANiCURE, Cake, Do What U Want (SOLO), Brooklyn Nights, Tea, ARTPOP, Swine, Partynauseous, Donatella, Fashion!, Mary Jane Holland, Dope, Princess Die, Applause
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