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  1. Guys, thank you so so much for the support!!! I hope someday they will see my projects, I really put all my love in this. ❤️❤️
  2. OMFG it's a big dream! Thank u for the support
  3. The Celebration: The 13th anniversary of the most iconic album of Gaga's career is coming so I decided create a especial edition with a recriation of the iconic Crystal Glasses, made by me following the original Haus of Gaga project. All the content is handmade manifesting the Gaga's 2008 cultural reset. - Fanmade project - The Box: The Content: Crystal Glasses | The Fame Album | Disco Ball Locksmith | The Fame Postcard The Unbox: Thanks! Follow me on: Instagram: instagram.com/queirovsk T
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