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  1. SAME!! I'm so excited, so many plans for BTW's anniversary but it's what that masterpiece deserves Yes we will!
  2. Everytime they post something and I go to their profile they already deactivated again I'm losing my mind over here help
  3. Hello Little Monsters! Tomorrow there's going to be a huge buying party for Born This Way!! The buying party starts at 7PM CET and we'll be trending BUY BORN THIS WAY ON ITUNES on Twitter. Also tomorrow make sure to buy the album if you haven't and get all your friends to buy it as well. Hope to see you take part of it, happy road to the 10th anniversary of Born This Way
  4. So happy you think like that! If you wanna help us you can dm me on twitter, I'm @ gagasdazzler, or you can leave me your user to contact you. Either way you're more than welcome to join us on May 23rd! The more the better, and don't forget to tell your friends, I know listening to BTW all together will be lots of fun Hopefully you'll be free!! I'm so excited to stream the album with everyone
  5. Yes! We're really counting with LGN tweeting something about it. We want everyone to join us, it's going to be a lot of fun! I'll send you a dm on Twitter, my user is @ gagasdazzler
  6. Hello Monsters! A group of latin little monsters are planning on doing a HUGE streaming party for Born This Way and we really need all the help possible!! We're planning on trending #StreamBornThisWay on Twitter, on Sunday May 23rd while we stream the album together. If you wanna join us leave a reply on this topic with your Twitter user so we can reach you, or contact us directly via dm on: @/marrytheejudas @/gagasdazzler @/Dannyhozz @Gagaxmonsterss Spread the word! Let's celebrate this beautiful album together🖤
  7. Judas is iconic, especially the part at the bridge
  8. Every day she looks more like Patrizia, it's starting to freaking me out lmao
  9. I'm so so happy!! I really hope she can get some awards. Top Dance/Electronic Artist and Top Dance/Electronic Album would be extra especial! She really deserves them after all the hard work she put into making this album
  10. As someone who was suffered of anxierty from a young age, and has been called many liar and attention seeking, I think it has affected the most my ability to open up and relate with people. Especially when it comes to friendships and romantic relationships, it has been really really hard for me and most of them just ended really bad. People around me get scared of just don't understand why I do some of the stuff I do or act the way I act, that makes me really feel even more anxious and I just end up withdrawing from the people I care about.
  11. I've been thinking on switching to Telegram for a while now but most of my friends use WhatsApp so.. Any Telegram users can tell me their opinion on the app? It sounds really cool tbh, but idk if it's user friendly or not? With so many features idk if it's something I can use on a daily basis, but I'd love to hear some opinions! About Telegram or any other app that you use
  12. Just subscribed!! The Fun Tonight remix is my favorite so far, it sounds like something you'd hear on a dystopian inspired videogame, a mix between fantasy and tecno, so so good😍😍 can't wait to hear the whole remix album!
  13. Marry The Night is always the song I always listen to when I'm feeling down, it gives me strength even when I feel like I can't keep going anymore, especially the "I won't give up on my life" bit. It hits too close to home for me
  14. My top 3 are applause, mjh and venus. Honestly I don't think I skip any tracks, I love listening to the album from beginning to end, it's a whole experience. Probably the day when the cover was revealed, everyone was on twt waiting for Gaga to show us the full cover, and it was really fun because she did it by parts. Also the day of the last artRAVE when she did the livestream, it felt really good to be a part of it, like we were all together, even if I was just watching it on my computer screen
  15. I totally agree with you!! I wonder how the original LG6 sounds.. seriously I'm so curious, I wish we could have a snippet or something, I bet it has a really interesting sound. Also the concepts and the lyrics omg.. Yes I'm fantasizing about an album that will probably never hear lmao it's my full time job
  16. This remix is so good! You're so talented!! Sending lots of love xx.
  17. I'm still not 100% percent confident that this project will be actually happening, we've been waiting for Babylon HL for so long, a whole remix album seems so far away rn
  18. I'm so excited!! Hopefully something will come out from their reunion. Either if it's act 2 or new music, every time they get together they make art, can't wait to see what they're gonna do now💖💖
  19. I know!! The ending shocked me the first time I watched the video, I rewatched it like 10 times to try to understand, I can't imagine how I'd felt watching this ending. I really like the colors tho, hopefully we can see the first version in with this coloring someday
  20. All are correct but THAT part in Heavy Metal Lover just... WOW
  21. So.. here it goes I've been struggling a lot with my own thoughts recently. I've suffered from anxiety since I was 4 (diagnosed), and even tho it has been really hard to make friends, mantain relationships, and just handle things that for most ppl are easy to handle, let's just say it was something I could live with. However, since last year not only my anxiety has been affecting me but I started to feel really depressed, lots of intrusive thoughts (specially suicidal thoughts). Also, for a few years i've been having health issues, and my mental state since last year just made everything worse. It's like a vicious cicle, I get sick so I get depressed, and I get depressed because I'm sick. I don't wanna go into much detail because I I don't feel comfortable, but this health issue really fcks up with my confidence, I feel so ugly, so disgusting, I hate looking myself in the mirror. I've been trying to explain my mom how I feel but she doesn't understand. I do have a very good relationship with my mom (the only family member I have a good relationship tbh), but everytime the thing about my health comes up she just tells me to change my mindset like it was that easy... I'm trying but I feel so frustrated, I just want this hell to be over. I have a lot going on right now, at home, at work, the fact I can't study anymore.. But at the end of the day struggling with my own thoughts feels even worse, I feel so tired and restless, today I had one of the worst breakdowns ever, I spent the whole day crying, I'm so tired. I think this is the first time I actually talk about the whole thing, I haven't told anyone how I feel, so yeah, that was my rant ig
  22. You were lucky indeed!! Lemonade is my favorite Beyoncé album as well, my top 3 are: 1. Formation 2. Daddy Lessons 3. Don't Hurt Yourself
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