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  1. No matter gay straight bi lesbian transgender life This was a historic moment for the community
  2. Another of the million reasons why Gaga is amazing
  3. Rephrase - 'Oh hon, Gaga is most likely immortal
  4. Oh hon, Gaga can't die. I don't think she literally can.
  5. Ok, like the snake i am i would know this person well and know how to get them to. I would take in all of their Listening data and then make choices. What i would do before hand is play her in the background at all times
  6. Ha, obviously we will mourn but on James Cordons late show she said she did the same with Micheal Jackson tour wadrobe. I don't think Mother Mons†er can actually die.
  7. Hon, why don't people use it. The only thing closer to an update was on the login page there is a picture of Gaga in chromatica attire. All we get FROM Gaga is the website admin posts her tweets on their. Do y'all need to start a movement or something. Get every user on this site on it.
  8. I'm thinking a little more to the dress. Science wise i think it's going to be more than magnets. She will probably do a Gaga twist where it transforms, reveals or something. I am going to buy it when she dies though and preserve it.
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