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  1. I wasn’t even able to order one in the uk but I’m kinda not mad casue no one got one anyway
  2. I’d love a 10 year repackaging or something. That would be so cool
  3. I agree. Why would your pour everything you have into something to not share it with the world how she wanted too And also she has been so great at helping the world through the pandemic which is so important to what she stands for
  4. Omg what petrol station!! I live in the uk and keep looking. ❤️💜❤️🤞🤞🤞
  5. Since our country came out of lockdown I’ve been so much mor really with myself so I’m gonna say 8
  6. TF- I like it rough TFM- Teeth BTW- Marry the night or you and i ARTPOP- swine or applause C2C- I don’t mean a thing Joanne- DIC or JW ASIB- heal me Chromatica- 911 or replay
  7. As far as I’m concerned it’s a single. Wasn’t it the 3rd one from the fame?
  8. I agree with you. The Sofituker remix is great
  9. The language is quite hard and learning it can take a while and rendering no all the rules and stuff so it’s not too bad really. And she enjoys speaking it which is all the matter
  10. The ones long gold ones she wore while promoting her fame perfume
  11. Tbh I agree! It was cool and was important to her emotions of the song but yes I do agree with the eating disorder argument side of it 💜
  12. Omg when she works with him it’s a collapse so something good is coming!!
  13. I’ve never dressed up as her but I think I could pull of Jo Caldrone
  14. I don’t have anxiety that makes me worry in that sense but that must be so hard to be a fan of someone and not be able to enjoy their performances. Just know that you are brave and strong and we are all here to support you 💜❤️
  15. I’ve just had a look through account settings and I can’t find a way to do it either, sorry - it would be cool to know if you can though 💜
  16. Wow! Just watched the video and the creativity is just great! Really good work 💜
  17. Imagine if she collared with Rihanna that would be a whole collapse
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