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  1. Cheers! Looking forward to it 😊
  2. Well... Besides the greatness of the music... SHORT
  3. Chromatica edition to sony xm4's headphones
  4. Artpop app of it's time dangit
  5. To release anniversaries with dead promises. My ultimate dream would be looking like that (Not all promised, my imagination) 1. The Fame with unreleased B-Sides 2. The Fame Monster LP (An other beyonce collab) 3. Born This Way with demos and stripped versions. (Also Americano Mariachi) 4. ARTPOP Act II 5. Jazz II, with the original song Paradise she talked so much about But really just lots of music, constantly - and less cancelled projects. If she would be putting out half of the projects she talked about we would have a normal pace of an album every two years. I know that may sound selfish, but I'm a fan cause of the music first.
  6. Ahlein! As we have tons of dialects, you can start by saying what's yours and where from? I'm speaking town levantine, Jerusalem (2uds)
  7. Shalom y'all ;) Does anyone else here speaks the holy tongue of the holy land?
  8. Born This Way was the biggest budget, The Fame was the biggest effort, tons of shows and promo.
  9. No Way is totally at my top 5, it used to be my fav jam for like a year after it leaked
  10. Shes working on a future husband maybe and she need the time
  11. I was on the beach chillin on a vacation to India, my life just flopped with covid ever since.
  12. GAGA X RIHANNA cover for "Silly Boy" by Eva Simons
  13. The Fame, Fame, baby the Fame Fame. I actually bought it physically, it was the last time I bought a CD for it's music listening purposes, soon after it was all mp3 players, buying mp3 online and streaming services.
  14. Leaked in full only, OOC fans pick another one for now. Mine keeps changing with moods, but I can say that my life would be a lie without those, in this order. Blueberry Kisses is the most sentimental tho, it was the first time I've ever waited and longed for a song to leak, by any artist, as MJ had lots of songs out throughout my childhood and my uncle was my unreleased mp3 provider, so I felt complete with him. Gaga still doesn't have much songs out, and it feels unreleased is just an important mass of her work to have. 1. Let Love Down 2. Second Time Around 3. Blueberry Kisses
  15. Paparazzi - Telephone We are still waiting for what's coming. What is it, 10 years?
  16. Edge of Glory was the biggest disappointment of it's year... Do you remember it?
  17. Just Dance hooked me up, but Paparazzi sealed it. Music Video of Paparazzi definitely stabilized it to this day
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