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  1. Omg i've been WAITINNGGGG for this collection to make its return!! Downloading ASAP, thank u so much!!!!!
  2. She looks SO beautiful and so classy, cannot wait for this album and the MTV unplugged!!!!
  3. Know that you are not alone in this and that you always have a community here w us little monsters! Try to find at least one reason out of the millions to stay and hold on to it ❤️ I'm sure you could call a hotline and it might help, or maybe some monsters might be able to provide support in the Mental Health section. Sending you love!
  4. Omg this isn't rly about tattoos but there's this one quote from a Grammys 2019 interview that I LOVE - she said "Art is risky, and art is challenging. And it's challenging because it forces you to go inside yourself. And I think that, the deeper you go and the more that you challenge and you take those obstacles head on, I just think, the better it becomes."
  5. I feel like she'll probably keep it pretty limited and save most songs for the Chromatica Ball, but I do think she'll at least perform Rain on Me, Stupid Love, and maybe 911 at Enigma.
  6. She looks so good omggg, can't wait for Joanne Act II and her bucket hat era 😍
  7. Well it's not confirmed, but in the AARP article from earlier this year written about his struggle with Alzheimer's, it said that this record could very possibly be his last one, since his symptoms of dementia keep progressing 💔💔
  8. There's supposed to be a "Start Topic" button, but there has just been a new anti spam policy put in place (you can read more about it in the topic under "Announcements") where you can't open a topic without having had left 10 comments on other members' posts, and without having received at least 5 positive reactions to your comments
  9. I cannot wait for the album!!! Kinda sad the track list leaked tho - even if the track list isn't that big of a leak, it's still Tony's last album and they both deserve the rollout they planned
  10. I just finished listening to the full testimony on Youtube, and it was so heartbreaking. She and her rights were abused, violated, and degraded. No human ever deserves to be mistreated like this. I'm so so glad that she was able to bravely share her story with the court, and open this case so that she can regain control over her life - I have so much hope that the court will vote in her favor and grant her back the rights that she deserves.
  11. I definitely agree that record labels take advantage of fandoms - fandoms are one of the easiest ways to make money tbh bc we'll always be a guaranteed group of ppl who'll buy things 😭
  12. My day hasn't really ended yet today, so I'll talk about my day yesterday! I woke up and perused the Internet a bit, I ate breakfast, took a shower, got ready for the day and whatnot, and then I went to intern at a local theater for a few hours - I mainly just worked to build some set pieces and painted things, but it was fun. When I got home, I ate dinner and watched this movie called "Stranger than Fiction" on Netflix.
  13. Sometimes I feel exactly the same way, and beat myself up over regret. What always helps me is telling myself, "it happened, and there's nothing I can do to change that. I made a mistake, and I have to keep moving," and eventually I can move on. Just like Gaga always says - radical acceptance. And just like u said, you need to learn from it and start over, and keep going. Hope ur feeling better! ❤️
  14. I'm so sorry to hear that :( throughout this year, i've definitely lost a lot of motivation as well, and although I personally feel relieved of social stress, it's proven very difficult for me to want to work and study, and just generally get things done. I'm so glad that u only have an in person presentation left, and here's to hoping that the summer can provide some peace and joy ❤️
  15. yesss Summerboy and Just Another Day are such great choices! me too for all of these, especially asib tracks like heal me and hair body face I always listen to swine whenever i'm trying to clear my mind and meditate, works like a charm omgg 😍
  16. I always think whatever she's doing at 0:23 is so funny 😭
  17. I'm not sure how it would come out sounding, but I'd love to see her maybe experiment with soul, R&B, or also with alternative styles similar to stuff like NFR, folklore, or even Fetch the Bolt Cutters. I can't rly think of anything i wouldn't want to see her do, but I feel like there are definitely some genres that are better left in the drafts 😭
  18. Personally, I feel like I've lost some parts of myself and my personality to social media. Sometimes I can't even think something without feeling the need to get approval of it, or to modify that thought to fit everyone else's ideal. Definitely am actively working to get myself off social media, so I can get back to being at peace in my own mind.
  19. Like @Tony said, Born This Way has absolutely helped so many of us monsters on a journey of embracing and loving ourselves. For me, Joanne also helped in feeling like I wasn't moving alone through life. Stay safe monsters, never forget that you were born a superstar ❤️
  20. I was feeling pretty tired today and just in the mood to relax, so I wanted to put on some Gaga tracks that are more low-energy. What are your favorite songs of hers that you put on when you just want to chill? For me, my picks would definitely be Eh, Eh and Hey Girl!
  21. Definitely Enigma, it was my favorite track on my first listen!
  22. OMG I NEVER REALIZED THAT!!! All those scratches in the promo pics are starting to make sense!
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