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  1. Hi everyone! I am Jamie from Singapore😸 Great to see the site up and running again! Giving a big applause to the team behind this👏🏻❤
  2. Although I have already tweeted this but I shall post the same thing here too, hoping that it will reach out to more monsters and everyone else. So Merry Christmas to everyone especially to those who are alone, going through a hard time, struggling and fighting with any illness etc; I want you to know that you're so strong and I am proud of you, and you have the whole monster community with you❤ To those who have someone to spend this festive season with, appreciate and cherish the moment. In my opinion honestly, there's nothing to be celebrated as the virus is still around and as I am typing, someone may be losing their loved one. However, we can do our part by staying home and if you are heading out, remember to wear your masks and adhere to safety measures. Let's all be appreciative and grateful for the people around us, once again, merry christmas everyone! 🎅🏻 I am here for anyone if you want to talk about anything; be it happy or sad, I want to be here for you👍🏻 Comment down below what you're grateful for this Christmas! 🎄
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