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  1. Whatever happened to the MTV Unplugged with Tony??????? Not a word....
  2. She looks every bit the glamorous diva here. Love her bag too!
  3. Omgigod. This will be amazing!!! So glad it will be on film for all time and not just a one time show. 👍🏽👍🏽
  4. Such great news. I cant wait for the reimagined songs!
  5. Wow 😳 Thank you for this!! Its ny dream to see Jazz & Piano one day.
  6. The whole thing is so Chromatica but also reminds ne of ArtPop with the sculpture and all. so excited 😆
  7. Ok-now I can see them on the cover of Town & Country. Wouldn’t that be cool.
  8. I am going crazy seeing all these almost daily pics. The makeup job for Jared Leto ‘s role will win awards!
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