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  1. Anything with Nick Knight, sign me up. Excited to see this collab!
  2. The first I can recall was in 2009 hearing Just Dance on the radio. I was feeling really sick and had my Grandma pick me up from high school and it was playing on the radio. I thought it was Xtina at first I don't know why it's such a vivid memory for me, but it is.
  3. Good for them! If you have the means to do things like this, you should. I wish more celebrities were as kind as gagz.
  4. Video Games is a timeless classic omg 10 years??
  5. I'd make it a point to not ask anything regarding her work, but to try to talk to her like a normal human being. Probably ask her what her favorite song by The Cure is or something random like that since it's my favorite band as well lmao. I doubt she's often asked things about herself that don't involve her music, and I'd love to know the simple things that make her who she is
  6. I'm not going to survive this movie She looks stunning and fits the role perfectly.
  7. The Monster Hall is so iconic to me. The stage, the outfits, the style...
  8. Good on Soundcloud! Now let's see if Spotify can follow suit
  9. This entire situation is just utterly tragic and heartbreaking. I have strong hopes that Koji and Gustav are retrieved unharmed.
  10. Love the idea of her living in Italy, even if very briefly. Now give me those set photos and I'll be happy
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