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  1. Hello kababayan! I also speak English and Tagalog :) I've been trying to learn Spanish with Duolingo for years, although I keep forgetting my lessons lol
  2. I don't have HBO GO or Max, but I love Westworld so much! It is honestly underrated and one of the gems of HBO <3 P.S. Ramin Djawadi's scoring is too beautiful!
  3. I used to have toxic friends way back in high school who had some superiority complex due to our school's exclusivity. Whenever I called them out, they gaslight me like I'm some kind of "angel" as they say. I slowly gravitated away from them and I honestly thankful for that. Unfortunately, I also got into a toxic relationship with an ex and still in a toxic relationship with my family. Nevertheless, I try to burn bridges "peacefully," by slowly gravitating away. Happy to see some of them still grow over the years, even though they have been toxic to me. Still wouldn't want to become frien
  4. Coming off from an Asian Christian family, our culture has strong family ties but my parents are too strict like helicopter parents. I am 21 years old now. It is honestly weird because they are trying to use their financial support to control me, rather than just "love" or whatever relations families should have. They have previously tried to forced me into a college program I don't like and also degrade me for my sexuality. Can't wait to move out someday :(
  5. Hi! I also felt the same way last year when I had nothing to cope with COVID-19. This January, I put my money on less accessible online bank so I won't spend the money easily. I still do spend money on some luxury but I try hold on buying it for one or two weeks to see if I really want it hehe. If it helps, maybe using finance apps like Fortune City can help you! It's a cute sim city-like app that rewards you buildings for savings <3
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