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  1. I am waiting impatiently for the red vinyl with the alternative cover to come to me from France <3
  2. This movie is going to be amazing, I'm shaking with excitement
  3. I am not able to choose just one song.... There's no point in limiting, I'll list a few favorites: Novo Amor - Alps Two Door Cinema Club - What You Know Harry Styles - Lights Up Khalid - Better Amber Run - Wasteland Nothing But Thieves - Amsterdam Lana Del Rey - Video Games Oh, and The Dumblings - Frank
  4. Someone probably has vinyl of the new album and posted pictures of it online. Have you heard about this? That's a horrible... I don't know how this could happen, we don't even know anything about the album.
  5. Have you listened to Lana's new album yet? For me, it may be her best project yet... After the first listen I loved almost all the songs, and that rarely happens.
  6. It honestly surprises me that we get so many photos from the set every day. I've never encountered anything like this before.
  7. Wow, beautiful photo! She looks like a real lady
  8. I didn't know that, but I don't use Whatssapp much. In Poland we all just use Messenger of Facebook. It's the most popular messenger, but unfortunately it's probably not the safest....
  9. All the photos taken by the paparazzi and the official one have made me look forward to the film even more! Gaga looks amazing!
  10. I’d like to be myself tbh 😂 That’s why I’ll probably never get close to her lol
  11. I’ve just started the last semester in college and my depression popped up 😬
  12. My dream is for her to release another album this year (besides the jazz one) or at least an EP, use all this unused material and platforms to promote it and the combination of Chromatica and this new album on tour.
  13. My favorite Ava’s song is probably Torn. It was the one my boyfriend sent to me when she blew up in Poland. Do you guys like it?
  14. I hope they will say something about this project next month. It’s hard to predict because Gaga will be working on the movie set. 😖
  15. Unfortunately, I have not yet been vaccinated. For the time being, vaccinations in my country are for the elderly, medics, doctors, teachers. All due to the limited number of vaccines.
  16. It must have been a great first concert!
  17. I really like Miley! I like her every album. I heard many songs from this new album long before the official release, but I still think the album is great! Miley's voice is very fitting for this kind of music!
  18. welcome home everyone!
  19. I’d like Chromatica with the original cover instead 🥴
  20. I’ve heard it is available in Poland! But still very rare
  21. I’ve seen a few tiktoks with this song but not anymore
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