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  1. My personal choice is ARTPOP.
  2. We need Sour Candy VM emergency...
  3. I wish I can find my old acc. I have so many memories in this acc.
  4. “There can be a hundred people in the room, and 99 don't believe in you, but one does.”
  5. My bff gave me Chromatica Milky Clear vinyl at my last b-day :)
  6. Does anyone watch Turkish series? :)
  7. A little bit disappointed for me. I want to watch more lives
  8. Just imagine this tweet. 'I don't remember Born This Way'
  9. I love the Haus's staffs. I'll buy one day!
  10. She's a lifesaver. She's a angel who has no wings..
  11. Thanks god! I don't have any toxic friends...
  12. I love French! French is my favorite language and her French is great I think!
  13. I'll follow back all monsters! my acc @blessedbyartpop
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