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  1. I'm hoping that maybe I can run into her randomly in Milan, but I don't think so. Unfortunately I'm underage (only for 1 year...) and I can't even cast. Rip.
  2. Teo31


    Hey 💚 I'm sorry you can't get a psychiatrist, I hope as soon as possible you can get one and get better (also because I know how hard it is every day to live with this disorder...) As for communication, I when I talk about something important with most people I get so many paranoia (what if this thing I was saying is wrong, what if I'm bothering them by saying these things, what if it's not okay what I'm saying etc), and sometimes it happens to me that in the middle of the conversation I get stuck and I don't know what to say, and I start 1000 other paranoia (what if he expects an an
  3. Teo31


    I'm also very happy to talk to someone who suffers from BPD ❤️. as for mood swings it's one of the main problems of us borderlines, and I understand that it's so hard because first you feel that you rock the world, that you're the best and a few seconds later you feel that you suck that no one loves you and you go into a very severe depressive loop that often (to me) led to suicidal thoughts, and the funny thing is that one of my biggest fears is to die. As far as psychotropic drugs are concerned, I can tell you my personal experience, so you can more or less understand what it's lik
  4. Torino, fan da Alejandro ma mi sono appassionato molto di più più o meno dal 2016
  5. Teo31


    Hi, i'm teo. I suffer from BPD as well, and I know how it feels, in my case sometimes I feel like the happiest person in the world and the next second I feel like shit, that I'm worthless etc. and I also have a lot of impulsive behaviour which has led me to lose a lot of friendships that I loved a lot, and now recently one of my friends that I loved the most has left me for a stupid reason, I feel alone and abandoned and it's a horrible feeling. I imagine you are going through a terrible time because I know how it feels, although very often it's hard to believe but one day you will
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