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  1. This was an amazing evening, hearing from Tara and Fernando and just enjoying the chat with everybody else was a very nice experience, I am glad Stationnhead served as a platform where we could connect in the way we did, I mean I never would have imagined to be in the presence of both of them (Tara and Fernando) not even through an online medium so this made me very very happy <3 thanks guys
  2. What are the categories? Just to make it easier to vote, thanks
  3. I don’t like this idea. I am still trying to figure out what the need is to make a remake out of everything these days. Judy Garland’s version need not be touched. At all. Hollywood needs to come up with new ideas.
  4. Happy Birthday!!! ⚔️💓 the app is running so smoothly and I doubt this whole site would work as well without your input Matt 💫 🪅
  5. Chromatica is absolutely what it needed to be. It gives the album an edge in terms of the visuals and the world she created with it and it sets it apart from her discography. . . I mean look at the cover, any other name on that cover probably would’ve not fit well. I wish we’d had through a gatefold vinyl with the Chromatica cover photo, it’s so odd they never created one although Bobby said they would.
  6. Gosh, just yesterday I could not get princes die off my head. It’s such a sad song probably Gaga’s saddest song the imagery is so dark and devastating but there’s something about it that is so poignant. I wish we’d had a real HQ recording of it.
  7. 🥺 I wish I lived in Europe / where they’ll be shooting. . . This is so exciting hopefully we’ll hear stories similar to those stories we heard when monsters had the chance to see some of the the ASIB performances 💗
  8. My handle is @Joannex198 I post Polaroids and Gaga updates ⚔️💓 consider following me!
  9. Lady Gaga received 2 nominations at the Queerties 2021 in the categories “Badass” and “Anthem” for “Rain On Me” these awards honor LGBTQ+ excellence in thr entertainment realm - and if we were to win, I believe Gaga would be more than elated given she’s a part of the community and a relentless advocate for LGBT rights. Both prizes are physical. Take 2 seconds to vote here: https://www.queerty.com/Queerties2021/
  10. McConnell voted against it. This is such BS even his puppeteer Donald J Trump is for the 2k cheque but this pathetic excuse of a man does not care about people and their livelihoods. I hope Georgia pulls through next week, all of these rotten apples need to go. Wanna know the worst part? this bill excluded so many families (mixed, immigrant families) that have gotten by every day truly with pure luck. This division is sickening, this country is stubborn and I am so sick and tired of the same crap every day. People are second tier to the government's priorities and this needs to change. I hope Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will actually act as a government for the people. All the people.
  11. Absolutely. It's a shame really because I wish I was able to do things other people do without a secong thought. I am constantly grappling with fears I associate with almost every activity I do that has to do with engaging with other people. I'd like to think it's gotten better but being in quarantine for almost a year has exacerbated many of these fears I have.
  12. Lady Gaga will always be my #1 no doubt, but in my top 5 of most listened artists are Barbra Streisand at #2 Lana Del Rey at #3 madonna at #4 and perhaps Judy Garland at #5 I don't listen to any other (contemporary) artists besides the ones I listed and no I am not 60 years old I am 20 but this is the kind of music I enjoy.
  13. It isn't available for people my age yet, elders and adults are the priority at the moment, the last time I read about it, the news said it would be around June where people 18 and a little older might be able to get it.
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