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  1. The me you cant see, made me cry I hate seeing gaga cry😢
  2. My biggest dream is to achieve my dream and to become a successful person in life
  3. Mine would personally be Halo by Beyoncé or Bang Bang by Jessie J, Ariana Grande And Nicki Minaj
  4. I would probably pass out right there and then
  5. Love Natali, hope she has the best b-day ever!
  6. I'm SUPER Exited about this film. gaga is such a brilliant actor, I wouldn't even be surprised if she gets an Oscar for it.
  7. for me basically all the artpop songs
  8. I am so relived that they are found, for them and gaga
  9. yes I agree with the majority replay is very catchy.
  10. I have met drake at a Starbucks in Toronto idkw or how I was there at the same time he was but all I did was say hi but it didn't go very far because his body guards were literally a human force field😅
  11. I think my first song I listened to was just dance cause that's how I became a little monster
  12. mine is I always and I mean ALWAYS look behind the shower curtain before doing anything in the washroom
  13. bad romance because I have listened to it countless times and still feel like I'm listening to it for the first time!
  14. the song I go to is usually bad romance because I know all the lyrics so I can sing along and that makes me feel better
  15. I like gagas live better than the studio because I love her raw vocals because she sometimes changes how it goes for examples poker face, paparazzi and bad romance and many more.
  16. it makes me proud to be a LM whenever she fights back against sexism and mean comments.
  17. the Fame monster, I had to order it because Canada didn't have it in stock yet at the time.
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