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  1. Aaah THANK YOU SO MUCH! it's probably my fav one, too as it helped me cope with the grieving and i feel like i always have a piece of him with me 🥺 and also the video and the lyrics and everything about that song is phenomenal ✨
  2. OH I'M SORRY 😭 i thought you only do that with fresh scars and didn't even think about it, but i totally see how it could trigger people. I changed the picture to another one where you can't see the rest 🥺❤️ And thank you! 🥰
  3. awww tysm!!! <3 idk yet how to add pictures (i've tried drag & drop but that didn't work, it only shows the 'insert image from URL' option :( but i'll try to insert links from previous twitter posts, i hope it works!) her signature (this was my first tattoo ever, i got it right after i met her the first time): born this way (there's a funny story to this one because i got it on a vacation and there were problems with my phone so i had the artist look up the tattoo template on the internet and he used the wrong one... i still love it though (actually even a little bit more than gaga's because this one looks a little more intimidating) but up to this day i haven't found the person who drew this piece :( it haunts me): marry the night: ARTPOP: and the diamond heart i got with my best friend (mine's the left one): oh, and the chromatica symbol will be on my neck!
  4. It can be both! most are just "normal" texts but one person wrote a beautiful handwritten letter and another one included their message in their art picture! So it's totally up to you ❤️
  5. ooh i'm so happy to hear this!! 💕I'm thankful for every single participant (we got over 50 so far and i'm sure we'll make it to 100)! and after his post i'm even more convinced that this will make him feel a bit better 🥺💖 it's wonderful to see so many people coming together to spread love!
  6. oooh if you love the switch version you won't be disappointed if you ever get your hands on new leaf!! so far (imo), the only thing that's better in new horizons is the graphics and the ability to place furniture outside. there were so many more npc's, features and items in new leaf, it's really sad they haven't included everything from the past games in the newer one.. :(
  7. OH YOU CAN STILL PARTICIPATE, DON'T WORRY! <3 You can just send a message, I just put flowers next to everyone who doesn't send in a picture! <3
  8. Hey everyone! this is my first time starting a topic on here, i hope i'm doing everything right haha! since the dogs are safe now and so many people thought of ryan or want to reach out to him to wish him a speedy recovery, i thought it would be nice to do a little something to make him smile and help him get through this rough time. so if you want, you can send a message for him along with a picture of you and your dog/pet (or alone) or art (both in square format if you can) to the email address below - i'm putting together an ebook and will send it to his friend so he can forward it to him (i already talked to his friend and he loves the idea!). <3 if you want to participate (summed up): 1. write a message for him and send it to [email protected] 2. add your name and/or username that you wish to be included 3. IF YOU WANT, add a selfie (square) of you (with your dog/pet if you have one, or just you 🤗) - if you don't send a picture, i'll just put some flowers next to your message! 4. you can also send in visual art in pdf, jpg or any other picture format 5. the deadline is march 3rd 2021! (i'll include everything sent in before around midday march 4th cet) if you have any further questions, you can also send them to the email address or contact me on twitter for a fast reply (@chromartica) <3 paws up!
  9. I think it usually stands for grandma? lmao but i was thinking stafani=nani because kids think of some weird nicknames 😂 it could also be a drawing of elton's kids
  10. my absolute dream would be a collab with adele, katy perry, britney spears or alice cooper. it's tragic that most of the big heros are already gone, like imagine a collab with bowie, the beatles or freddy mercury/queen 😭 but tbh, if she did a song with madonna that would be something the world would never stop talking about, so i'm rooting for that to happen one day
  11. do you remember the kids' drawing of gaga on the fridge in the back of her election promo video (i think it was the sandwich one)?? it said something like "for nana" or "nani" which could be her nickname and maybe the girls drew that 🥺
  12. lmao, her feet are beautiful but like, what was the point??? 😂 he did some weird things and i can't help but feel he did it for clout that's definitely a point, let's hope they won't spam him 🥺 but he could turn off the comments function for his posts and only let people who follow dm him! so he should be able to keep his privacy in some way! but tbh, i don't know 1 (one) person who doesn't like him, so if anything he should be getting lovely messages ❤️
  13. i used to have my walls plastered with every poster i could find in teenage magazines lmao but now i only got the joanne tour poster framed and one tfm poster oh and a huge painting of her that my ex made me
  14. Y - You and I (she really doesn't have a song starting with "u", wow)
  15. apart from the sex scenes (lol), my favorite would be the whole flashback we got of her being an actress and falling in love. she was so vulnerable back then and it really showed why she became the person she was later on. but i would have loved to see more of her and hypodermic sally, they would have made such a hot couple
  16. personally, i can relate to a lot of her songs, but when i first heard 911 i literally stopped breathing for a moment and teared up because it was like she went inside MY HEAD to write poetry about the things i cannot put into words. I feel like that with every song on chromatica, it's crazy. she really hit a deep spot with this one 🥲❤️
  17. the og ARTPOP vinyl 😭 i kept thinking it would always be available and maybe even get cheaper... life lesson: if you have the chance to buy a vinyl, buy that damn vinyl.
  18. it's so refreshing that he's been so private and there's something so calm about him, i don't think he'll post a lot like christ*an did (especially no feet pics or lq concert pictures from horrible angles lol). maybe he just wants to be more open to the fandom since he knows we mean so much to her and that we wanna get to know the person she's dating! ps: if anyone's wondering, apparently that girl is his niece! 💕
  19. Yes omg!!! The mini snes is great (especially bc of the og controllers 🥺) - you can also download the old games on the wiiu and 3ds for little money or play them on switch with the online membership (they recently included all the old snes donkey kong country games and it's so so nice) 😭😭
  20. definitely the old snes classics like mario, donkey kong, twinbees... but also animal crossing, harvest moon, pokemon and stardew valley! idk about you but i feel like the ds/3ds games were the best
  21. 1. 911 2. sine from above 3. john wayne 4. ARTPOP 5. million reasons 6. pokerface 7. alice 8. marry the night 9. bloody mary 10. perfect illusion (this was SO hard, i could never fit all my fav songs in a top ten, let alone rank them *cries* )
  22. i feel like 'bad romance' would be a nice first impression, because it's catchy, unique, has a great music video, the lyrics are art, it shows that she can sing and it's relatable. but like everyone says, it would depend on the person and she's such a versatile artist that it's difficult to show her full spectrum with just one song! it would also depend on what you'd like to show: ARTPOP would be one of her most creative songs, while 'I'll never love again' would focus more on her vocal capacities.
  23. i have 'marry the night' on my left arm along with some shooting stars to honor my deceased dad who designed it years ago, a diamond heart on my wrist, her signature on my ribs, the btw unicorn on my left thigh and 'free my mind ARTPOP' on my right arm. it sometimes feels 'too much' when i have to list them lol, but they all have a different, unique story and mean so, so much to me and i'm planning to get the chromatica symbol with my best friend, once covid is over :') i actually don't even think of them as gaga tattoos, but more like reminders of beautiful things and times?!
  24. 'panty party' and 'new york' are two of my absolute favorites (and ofc 'brooklyn nights'). i also love how different the pre-fame songs sound, they always feel like a throwback to lonely highschool afternoons thinking about your crush idk
  25. we're doing a little project for ryan now that the dogs are safe back home! I tried to start a topic in the community section but somehow there's a technical issue so i'm hoping to reach some people in this comment section ❤️
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