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  1. I cant wait to listen to it
  2. We all know gaga has been busy during the pandemic and has put chromatica on rest for now, if you know what i mean. But now, i feel like we are gonna get started soon again, what do you all think is next to come? i personaly hope she will release a music video,maybe sour candy :D it would be so good, but what are your thought XOXO // Gagasweden
  3. All of her grammy looks are ICONIC!!, I love the 2010 and of course 2018
  4. she looked so good, as she allways does The 2010 vibes are insane!!! it reminds me of that one photo were she had purple hair like that, STUNNING
  5. Its so sad, like hello we exist to hahahaha
  6. I also have the basic ones, ugh why could nt they bless us all with the goregous Pink and green
  7. Hi! Im need your help, i have a few chromatica merch pieces, ibcluding the stupid love Pink shirt and The sour candy Pink shirt, now, i dont know what merch peiece to buy help me out
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