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  1. Answer Below: What color should Gaga rock next? I think a light red would look great for a potential (?!?!) Sour Candy Music but idk
  2. My favorite Born This Way song is a tie between Marry the Night and Judas. Both are a religious experience (Judas literally), and the different bridges and choruses just make me want to explode with excitement. The last 45 seconds of Marry the Night are some of the best moments in music history, and it makes me sad that the song didn't perform well compared to other songs of the album.
  3. I know RIGHT! It reminds me of that meme that Gaga filmed in 2009 for a Casino. I loved that in the leaked video she starts in the outfit and then ends with nothing on lying on the newspaper. If they just released that part it would have been cool/ Yeah I think that Gaga is an angel but her working with R. Kelly, even with the allegations against him, was questionable. It be like her making a song with OJ Simpson and then recreating the crimes he committed.
  4. Hi Guys. I am someone who fell in love with Gaga's work through her music videos, and I always found facts about these to be interesting. Some of my favorites are that Gaga was only given a week to conceptualize her Artpop era music videos, that the Telephone music video holds a record for most product placements, that the Great Danes from Poker Face were also in 6 other music videos, and that the Do What U Want video was cancelled and has never been released. I know these are somewhat well known, but leave any other interesting facts because I would love to see them.
  5. Oh My God I am so sorry to hear that. I should have marked the topic with a trigger warning, I apologize. Yeah i am glad is was cancelled too. The shots of R Kelly and a group of nurses operating on an unconscious Gaga is just too much. I liked the newspaper outfit that she wore though.
  6. Ok thanks, I have used that website for other artists but I haven't thought about using it for Gaga. I'll keep an eye out.
  7. I am very excited to see Lady Gaga (who is Italian) in this movie. I saw a tweet that said that we should look out for dark hair when Gaga accepts her Grammy (if she wins) because it is around when she is filming the movie. I am just worried about her getting Coronavirus because she has been very careful the past year.
  8. Oh My God I had no idea that they made a CD for this song! I really want to start collecting Gaga merchandise after the pandemic, so I will definitely be copping this bop once I start. Just a question though, where did you get it?
  9. Hey guys. I have always been intrigued by the Artpop era and its choice of singles. I constantly think about the failed release of the album's second single Do What U Want, including the terrible decision to have R Kelly feature on the song, having a single about the media and fame come out right after Applause, The cancellation of the music video because of sexual harassments allegations against its director, and rereleasing it with Christiana Aguilera taking the 2nd verse after a feud between her and Gaga occurred in 2009 (Christina said she didn't know if "it" was a man or a woman). I believe Gaga handled the situation well after she removed the song off of streaming services in 2019, but I always forget about the song even though it is a banger and one of Gaga's less mainstream hits. Am I the only one that feels this way? Let me know if I am just crazy.
  10. It isn't exactly merchandise, but I got Gaga's first album The Fame on dvd in 2008 for Christmas. I played that little disc so many times on my clunky DVD player that I knew all the songs by heart. Besides that, I have also printed posters too, so I guess like minds think alike?!?!?!
  11. If this is a place to rant, I am about to open my emotional floodgates. With the pandemic, I have been staying with my parents and my two sisters. It has been AMAZING to have people to be with when so many are dealing with issues by themselves this year, but we do have lots of drama between each other. Most of it has to do with masks and social distancing. Both my parents are Republicans, although my Mom is kind of an Independent (Voted for Obama in 2008), and they don't seem to care about health guidelines. They host parties and go out to eat constantly, even with increasing cases in our area and a large elderly population. Even worse, my Dad travels constantly and works with many old people. In comparison, I am very careful and attempt to social distance as much as possible. I avoid eating out to protect our service workers, and instead order in when I have the chance. It is just very stressful because I feel helpless in my efforts, as they are very likely to get Covid due to their lifestyle and spread it to me. So I now have feelings of anger and resentment, as I now constantly think "What is the point of trying". Thanks for letting me rant, don't know how to end this though. Feel free to respond. Lots of Love, Brody.
  12. Hi! My name is Brody. I started listening to Lady Gaga when she first released Just Dance, and I fell in love. I was about 14 and struggling with mental health issues over being bisexual, and she really helped me come to terms with myself. I remember my sister (who is a year younger than me) and I would watch the Telephone music video over and over again because it was so entertaining, and fashionable, and chaotic, and obviously iconic. After the Fame Monster was released, I somehow dropped out of listening to Lady Gaga, although I would visit a few of her hit songs every once in a while. Then a Star is Born was released, and I immediately got back into the fandom. Through the pandemic, her music, along with artists like Rina Sawayama and Chloe X Halle, have kept me going. I have now rewatched all of her live performances, most of her tours, and her Netflix documentary. I binged all of her albums, with Artpop and Born This Way being my favorites. Altogether, Lady Gaga has literally saved my life because she made me feel creative and special when I never did, made me feel like I had a friend when I didn't. I love her so much and I have grown so much because of her. Lots of Love.
  13. OMG I am literally so excited! I couldn't afford any of the Lady Gaga releases over the last year, so I really hope I win. I seriously doubt it though lol, I have no luck at all....
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