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  1. I'm so happy that they can party! They deserve it after they decided to act as a community to get rid of this thing. Can't wait to party with them someday!
  2. I haven't, but one of my NY Resolutions is to read more. Today I finished my first book of the year (yay!) and that book is definitely on my reading list
  3. Well I am from Mexico, and things are BAD over here. I wish we had the political and economical structure to have a full-on lockdown. I have not seen my friends for almost 10 months and then I see people partying in Mexico and just makes my blood boil to be honest.
  4. I know a looooot of people whose mental health has been compromised because of unstable and toxic relationships. I think people shouldn't be afraid to fall in love but it is important to be careful, and not to sound selfish but NEVER compromise your physical and mental well-being for ANYONE
  5. Luckily I've always lived in a house where everyone takes mental health seriously. The situation with my parents is really good, even though we have seen each other for a year straight, I try to calm down and think that it is better seeing them every day than never again. I've just realized that even though a lot of people are posting in this forum because of the contest, we are still having important conversations. So if you feel like sharing any of your experiences I'm always open to listen!
  6. I think I'm fairly happy right now, but of course, every day is different :) I just hope every person is happy
  7. I don't think online school is for everyone, but during my last semester of college I even felt lucky that I still had the chance to go to classes. But I do understand how it can affect people's mental health. From not leaving your house to not being able to interact with other people.
  8. I'm so sorry that you went through that, and your friend's family :( But I completely sympathize with you, I usually play Gaga's music when I'm feeling ANY emotion. When I'm sad I obviously go for the ballads, then ROM and Scheiße make me feel even better. But my favorite Gaga song, of all time, is Yoü and I. I always sing it with my two best friends when we're drinking and I don't know, it's just a very special song
  9. Every. Single. Day. Of course some days are easier than others, but I usually try to think what I'd be doing with my life if we weren't in this situation and I feel sad. Other times I feel happy because my loved ones are okay.
  10. I compare my narrative to others. Even though I have finished college and done so many amazing things, I cannot stop comparing my timeline to the ones who surround me, so I usually feel bad because I realize I am not "the best", even though I should feel grateful because of all the incredible things I have (such as health, family, and friends).
  11. It is always good to read these messages. Since I finished college I started to pay for my own psychologist because I feel that when you put that extra effort on working on yourself then the path to realization will be more calm.
  12. I just started a new job and my coworkers told my boss that they feel that I am pretentious and that I don't really care about them… I don't really know what I did to give that impression but it didn't make me feel good to be honest.
  13. Sometimes… I usually try to do them anyway but sometime I just can't. During high school I was always afraid to participate in class because if I got the answers wrong then I felt that everyone would call me stupid and so on, even if I 100% knew I was right :(
  14. Oh yeah, plenty of times. What I usually do when I realize that I'm starting to befriend someone who I know is not going to be good for my mental health I start detaching from them. I stop sending texts, looking for them, or any other activity. Meaning that we can still be friends but I will place my wall so that person doesn't cross it.
  15. I do believe it is very important to give yourself a round of applause every time you start doing something you did not believe you would be able to achieve. Call it cleaning your room, talking to someone about something traumatic, etc. It is important to know that every day you are working on yourself.
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