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  1. Honestly she was phenomenal on it. They really missed out by not dropping a studio version of their collab tbh
  2. Yeah, if you don’t need it there’s no need to stress yourself about it, it’s not worth it. But for me, I like being able to go on small trips, plus I live an-hour-long drive out of town, so for me it’s a little more essential. It’s not my top priority but I would like to not give it up entirely
  3. Literally same omg. It’s like, I know how to drive properly and all but once I get in the car my mind goes blank. It sucks so bad because I have to rely on others to give me a ride and it’s embarrassing having to explain why I don’t simply just drive myself.
  4. 2011’s teal hair was her absolute best. Btw, this thread made me realize she’s basically tried every color EXCEPT red The closest she’s been to red is the ginger hair from ASIB and the bright orange from the Bowie tribute
  5. We all know Gaga’s voice has a unique flair that makes every song stand out, so what are some songs by other artists that you wish Gaga was featured on? For me, it’s Prisoner by Miley Cyrus. Idk, I just feel like they were voices would blend really well together, even better than the Dua feature. Plus, I wish the rumor of Kylie’s Supernova Remix was real because that would also be dope as hell
  6. Aww I can totally relate. Therapy really helped me see things with a different perspective, I used to be anxious over literally everything. I still have major anxiety over things like driving though (even though I have my driver’s license and all). It’s a hard process but if we’re determined we can work it out.
  7. Having anxiety is hard as hell, it really used to keep me from doing even small every day things like talking on the phone with a stranger or ordering food. Thankfully, I started seeing a therapist last year and I have made some steps towards eliminating it, but it’s a long battle. The covid situation has made things harder too.
  8. I could write an entire essay about my favorite Gaga music videos honestly Bad Romance is legendary obviously, I for one really like Alejandro too even though it’s off-putting for some. I love its atmosphere and photography direction. The Paparazzi/Telephone saga is timeless. Judas, Yoü and I & Marry the Night are all equally amazing, too. G.U.Y. is a visual feast and lastly 911 is simply an art piece. This woman’s entire videography is nearly flawless.
  9. If being a dozen meters away from her at the airport counts, then yes Otherwise, no
  10. I’m not particularly fond of The Queen as a whole, but it’s definitely the best bridge in her discography for me. Judas and Dance In The Dark bridges are up there as well.
  11. Yeah, that would be cute at least. But nothing beats the live experience 😪
  12. Maybe in her 40’s when the trend will have died down, she’s a chameleon so she’s bound to try every genre at some point
  13. If I had to choose based on my own taste, it would be Replay. If I had to choose the one which would realistically do best on the charts, it’s Sour Candy all the way.
  14. Yeah, she would really nail a disco album but now that it’s trendy I doubt she will go anywhere near that 😅😫
  15. Greek is my native language and I’m fluent in English. I also have very limited knowledge of French and Spanish, just the basics though
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