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  1. There are so many to choose from. Some high ranking ones for me would probably be Paparazzi @ VMA's, and Chromatica Medley @ VMA's (I can remember trying dancing along with her). If it counts, TEOG @ JWT was also memorable for the vocals and the feels
  2. I hope one day I can get tickets to her tour. But even if I could afford it, travelling all the way to where she usually performs would drive me bankrupt. For a physical item, it would probably be BTW vinyl box set.
  3. I love pretty much everything. I just wish that there was more world building. A series of animated shows would be nice and it doesn't risk the spread of Covid. Saw someone draw SL mv in an anime style and it looked awesome. If not, a comic book about Chromatica would be unique and interesting too. Overall it just needs more world development
  4. I really hope it exists. If not, at least a performance or some other animated stuff 🍭🍬🧚‍♀️
  5. Honestly, any song off the album could be a single. Personally I would say that Replay would be the best as it can show Gaga traversing times where she got her scars from. This could make a stunning mv. Another would be Fun Tonight where Gaga could be walking through Chromatica. Her tribe and her could have conflict as Gaga tries to brush off her feelings but is just left confused. The mv could take us on a story about her emotions.
  6. Hi, I'm just here to say that you're amazing and that I hope you are having a great day, week or even month. I probably sound cheesy but I'm just here to send some positivity. It may seem futile but a small positive message can help encourage and motivate someone (coming from experience) so if you can, please spread kindness- especially to yourself.
  7. Hope I'm able to get something, but still, good luck to everyone out there ⚔💓
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