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  1. Would love to see the Enigma Las Vegas Residency
  2. maybe like LGN Themed clothes? omg bestie send
  3. Japanese box set has to be the best for me, I mean the design?!?!? the stuff inside. Even tho it is over priced it is very visually pleasing and easily the best. Merch wise, the crewneck. its so cozy I don't even know how to explain it
  4. I know some of you goes have a lot to rant about so this is a place to let it go, just let go of all the anger in a comment and people might relate to you. also this is mostly for mental health rants, but other stuff are allowed too
  5. Yes, basically it gets dark later in the UK right now and the other day my friend sent me a picture saying he found the Chromatica Oreos so I went to the shop to get them at like 5:30pm and I thought I was gonna get hate crimed cause I was wearing platforms and I live in a rough area. I was so scared, but I did come back with 3 packs of Chromatica Oreos so I kinda won.
  6. This lockdown has affected me so much, like I need that time to go outside and socialise with my friends. and omg don't get me started on school, we have online school but I haven't gained any knowledge since before we broke up for Christmas holiday and its so annoying. I have like 50 assignments that I haven't done and they date back to November.
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