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  1. Hi Monsters, My name is Marko! I’ve been a little monster since FOREVER!! I really want to connect and expand with monsters!! I believe that this is best way!! Please respond with why you’re a monster? What made you love gaga? I’ll go first: I’ve been a fan since I was 10–and I’m currently 22. I was bullied severely at school. I was made fun of from my clothes, the way I talked, and etc. It got so bad that I had to miss days of school, because I was scared to go. This is the time I moved schools, and also discovered Gaga. She allowed me to be free, and felt love. She was my fri
  2. This is actually very amazing and generous!! Thank you so much for always supporting monsters, and doing these fun activities for us!! Good Luck everyone. && May the best MONSTER win 😉
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