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  1. The BTW booklet has a lot of errors, but all of them are in the EU version, I bought recently the US version because of the cross well-placed on Black Jesus + Amen Fashion, but didn't know that has fixed the Marry the Night title on the lyrics. Still doesn't have the censor on BS on Sheisse and the Bad Kids verse. Also, talking about booklets, did someone noticed that ARTPOP has two types of booklets? One has all the font in pink and another in various colours, like this.
  2. My collection is still so small, but I finally got the US version of Born This Way deluxe! That version has the tracklist with the cross of Black Jesus + Amen Fashion well placed, unlike the European version.
  3. We need a picture disc of the Chromatica cover. That would look so FLY: the cover as side A and the tracklist logo sticker on the side B. IMAGINE
  4. She needs to release first the merch of 911, because we don't even have a CD single or a physical release, or an artwork!!! I highly agree that Babylon needs to have their MV, but Replay or Enigma could be perfectly sone of the best candidates of having visuals!!
  5. I hope everything comes right in there! I'm mad that everyone is delaying the lockdown that we've needed since the end of Christmas. With only four or three wekks, it could really improve the situation, but whatever-
  6. She's with all the Gucci movie production and left us with the Oreo promotion, so I think that after all that, she will be ready for the Ball, and if the tour isn't really happening because we have more Covid infections and stuff, she will THEN make the virtual concert. The management making everyone hype without content, as usual
  7. Maybe the tour isn't REALLY happening, but I really think that a virtual concert is happening
  8. About toxic relationships... I was with this boy like 2 years ago, and we were cool and stuff (we were also in a distance relationship but we met IRL) Also, when I wasn't on social media for about half a month because I was busy doing stuff, he literally cheated on me TWO TIMES, excusing himself that I accepted being on an open relationship (when it was a completly lie). I already have healed all that stuff, because I was literally in a very bad place after knowing this by a lot of people (except him). Being in a toxic relationship it's one of the worst things that someone could live, and a lot of people I know doesn't even know if their relationship is toxic, so it's a little bit worring. @AdelineYou are so strong, and I feel happy that you could leave that dark situation. Keep going, you're doing amazing <3
  9. First of nothing, I'm living in Spain, so this situation it may be similar for those who are studying on a college. Right now, in my class, I have to go in person obligatorily from 3:30PM to 8:30PM, and i'm actually scared of all the virus situation. Three of my teachers didn't show up in class because they had close contacts, and they didn't show up on in three weeks of this trimester. Also, this week had like 3 or 4 hours daily, instead of the usual 6 hours. And, if this situation wasn't stressful as it is, the town where I live (not the same as the college) is almost confined. I'm actually scared if I have the virus and i am really nervous because there isn't any treatment, security distance, hydroalcohol usage or anything in here. How about your situation? Are you doing online school or do you have to go presentially?
  10. I'm hopeless about the MV, but indeed I think it's Gaga teasing us things about the Chromatica Ball. We don't know NOTHING about that show, so I think if she makes the beggining of the tour in July, we're going to know a lot of things about the era (maybe)
  11. Spain! Being a fan since Just Dance at 9 years old loool
  12. I personally have the digi-book dlx international edition, but I didn't get so satisfied. The CD inside came scratched, so I'm seeking the box-set rn. Also, if the Urban Outfitters release a new vinyl of Chromatica with a cover sleeve, i'm going for it.
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