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  1. ugh the nostalgia! i miss those times!
  2. their frienship is the best! gaga looks soo cute! i need them to reunite soon!
  3. this makes me feel so old! i remember it like it was yesterday!!
  4. these oreos are more iconic than some pop stars' whole careers
  5. i'm very excited to hear gaga singing jazz again! i love when she experiments with her music! + her and tony's friendship is a really beautiful thing!
  6. Paparazzi (VMAs 2009) and The Edge Of Glory / Judas (X Factor France 2011)
  7. 1. Born This Way 2. ARTPOP 3. Chromatica 4. The Fame Monster 5. The Fame 6. Joanne
  8. it's crazy to think about other unreleased content like this video that we probably won't ever get to see
  9. i'm soo excited! i know it's gonna be a serve!
  10. i love your work! you're so talented!
  11. such a great performance! thank you so much!
  12. i can never pick just one song! my fave artists aside from gaga are ariana (obvy), nicki minaj, rihanna and doja cat and i love their whole discographies! if i had to pick fave albums woulf be dangerous woman (by ariana), the pinkprint (by nicki), talk that talk (by rihanna) and hot pink (by doja)!
  13. that would be so cool! maybe someone can make a chromatica pop up shop or something where it is designed to look as if you're on the planet!
  14. здрасти! честно не очаквах тук да намеря българи 😂😂
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