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  1. Just now, Tony said:

    We need an ARTPOP X Chromatica mix. I would totally LIVE for it. And I agree with you that chromatica is ARTPOP’s sister. 

    Funny. I remember when DJWS teased that when he worked w/ Ga on LG6 he said it´s ARTPOPs little sister. Then Bloodp*p produced Chromatica and it also turned out to be similar to ARTPOP! Or at least the style and direction are veeeery similar!


    ARTPOP still runs through her veins very fast and thick. 

  2. On 1/14/2021 at 1:03 PM, hiimer0s said:



    RELEASED: 2014

    FORMAT: .MP3


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    Born This Way (Acoustic) | Black Jesus + Amen Fashion | Monster

    Bad Romance | Sexxx Dreams | Dope

    Yoü And I | Just Dance | Poker Face

    Applause | G.U.Y. 




    This was such an experience!!! I remember her perfoming live on Latterman(i think?) Dope and G.U.Y.! I loved the ARTPOP era in 2013 soooo much! 

    omg and let´s not forget how it was such a HUGE HONOR to her to have the last concert before the ballroom closed its doors for forever! I´m emotional thinking about it :sad2:

  3. 13 minutes ago, Tony said:

    Gaga’s album, “The Fame Monster,” will never be topped, and here’s why

    Dearest Mother Monster (aka Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, or Lady Gaga), 

    Before I get into the nitty-gritty of my letter, I just need to tell you that I’ve loved you for so much of my life, it is almost scary—13 years to be exact. I am here as a dedicated little monster (paws up) to regretfully inform you that I do not believe it is possible for you to top the masterpiece that is “The Fame Monster (Deluxe Edition),” your sophomore album released in November 2009. 

    First, I’ll lay out the facts. While this album is admittedly an add-on to your debut album, “The Fame,” it is still entirely its own piece of pure art with its eight additional songs and one remix of the previously released “Bad Romance.” Not only did this album earn you your fourth Grammy, for “Best Pop Vocal Album,” but it was the best-selling album as a re-release in 2010. Needless to say, I have ample evidence to back up my claim that this is the best album ever created. (For legal reasons, I am employing the use of hyperbole to get my point across.) And Gaga, I know, you know, we all know that you won’t stop creating music (it’s your job) and trying to grow and outdo yourself as an artist, and I don’t think you should stop—but it just might not be possible to create any one album better than “The Fame Monster.” 

    I hate to do this, but I am going to compare your six or seven albums (depending on if we want to count “A Star is Born”) following “The Fame Monster” to fully illustrate this one album’s supremacy over all the others in your discography. 

    First up, there’s “Born This Way,” and while I love the drama of it—from the outrage the single “Judas” caused, especially after releasing it and the music video on Easter weekend—this album didn’t do anything more than “The Fame Monster” had already done, besides make many conservative groups hate you more than they already did.

    Next, we have “ARTPOP,” and quite honestly Gaga, I don’t really want to get into this one—not that it is exactly a bad album, but we all know it doesn’t even come close to “The Fame Monster.” You tried out experimental club and new age music, and it was clear it wasn’t the right fit, except I will say the song “Donatella” is thoroughly enjoyable (but that’s not saying much from a 14-track album). I’d say the direct predecessor to “ARTPOP” (that somehow did it better) from “The Fame Monster” would be the song “Teeth,” which has a bit of talking and could be classified as conceptual like “ARTPOP” because I don’t understand the meaning behind it, but I like the feeling of the song. 

    In all honesty, I would prefer to sweep “Cheek to Cheek” (with Tony Bennett, aka my grandma’s favorite singer) as well as the soundtrack album “A Star Is Born” under the rug as they are not entirely yours and they just aren’t you. It’s almost a chore to attempt to sit through all of “Cheek to Cheek” as it feels almost as long as Tony Bennett is old. As far as “A Star Is Born” goes, I watched the movie (for you), I cried and I only really need “Shallow” (and maybe “Always Remember Us This Way” if I’m being completely transparent) to sing along to those incredible vocalizations; the rest I can do without or just watch the movie again. For these two “albums,” I feel no need to compare them to “The Fame Monster” as it’s clear to see they’re not even in the same league. 

    I must say your brave dabble in country music, “Joanne,” took some time to grow on me. While this departure from conceptual pop music came as a surprise to many, Gaga, believe me when I tell you I was prepared. Hints of the rock-fused passion of this album are especially apparent in the song “Brown Eyes” from “The Fame Monster”—a beautiful guitar- and piano-heavy ballad for a lost lover. Perhaps due to your maturity when making “Joanne,” or simply the time in which it was made, there are a few songs off the album that might make someone think, “Hah cool, feminism,” something we definitely cannot say about “The Fame Monster.” For those wondering, the primary “#feminism” songs off this album are “Grigio Girls,” “Hey Girl” featuring Florence Welch, “Joanne” and some may argue for “Come to Mama.” Basically, this album is beautiful even though I didn’t fully appreciate it when it came out in 2016 and yet, it still doesn’t reach the creative genius that is “The Fame Monster.” This is mainly because “Joanne” is inherently restricted by being your “country album,” whereas “The Fame Monster” is anything and everything. 

    It’s a long time coming but we’ve made it to “Chromatica,” and yet again, it can’t compete. Gaga, this one really hurt me because with all the promotion for it and both of the amazing singles, “Stupid Love” and “Rain on Me” with Ariana Grande, I was really hoping for a pop magnum opus. Maybe this one is slightly my fault, building it up so high and with “The Fame Monster” admittedly as my frame of reference. This is in no way saying “Chromatica” is not good, because I can wholeheartedly say I like at least half the songs, and I definitely thoroughly enjoy about five of the 16, but this futuristic return to your roots of dance-pop didn’t go above and beyond.

    Perhaps the one part of “Chromatica” that competes with “The Fame Monster” is its visuals. Both albums come with incredible music videos, something so many pop artists these days sadly neglect, and those from “Chromatica” clearly had some incredibly high production values with full-blown CGI in “Rain on Me” and incredible sets and wardrobes in “911.” This is definitely due in part to your now being worth about $320 million, most likely with boundless budgets for things like music videos in comparison to the days of “The Fame Monster.” Yet, those videos still hold up today as some of the best music video rabbit holes to dive down anytime I find myself on YouTube. Need I remind the masses of the masterpiece that is the video for “Telephone” featuring Beyoncé? Honestly, no amount of CGI or fancy set design can beat the power that music video holds. Not to mention that your music video for “Paparazzi” essentially kickstarted the actor Alexander Skarsgård’s career. All in all, “Chromatica” attempted to do the impossible (go toe to toe with “The Fame Monster”) and fell short. 

    Gaga, I’m sorry to rag on you like this, but you (and everyone else in the world) needed to know the scope of “The Fame Monster”’s excellence and how it will always stay on top. There’s nothing else I can say besides thank you, and I hope you take solace in the fact that I will never stop streaming that album—hopefully, someone will go ahead and listen to it after reading this and understand everything I’ve been saying. 


    Your biggest fan and critic

    Written by: Angie Cummings (The California Aggie)

    Original post: https://theaggie.org/2021/04/27/an-open-apology-letter-to-lady-gaga/

    tbh I believe her biggest era didnt come yet! She´s gonna top TFM soon. I feel it. I know it. She´s not done. 

  4. Just now, dafniye said:

    She will, her music is timeless and she's still thriving. It's still a song of hers, regardless if it's an album or soundtrack. 

    I know where you're coming from, because those twitter haters are always like 'oh bradley's impact', or 'bradley carried' but we all know who carried who. Both of them were spectacular and the haters wish that their faves could have an impact as strong as THIS 10 years into their careers. 

    I feel her biggest album is yet to come!!! and I´m manifesting it´s gonna be ACT II :sad3::sad3::sad3:

  5. 11 minutes ago, dafniye said:

    Omg I'm so excited! I can't even guess what it's going to be but maybe some unreleased info or anything? Whatever happens, I'm fjskdkdkkd

    Good luck to you guys! Thanks for doing this, it's appreciated 🤩❤️

    I don´t think we´re gonna get Info but it´s gonna be sooo much fun for the whole fandom! :tree:

  6. 11 minutes ago, dafniye said:

    Yes I have. So many people are dying to the point where there's no place to store them until the cremation/burning now. It's so sad and nobody deserves that. 

    You're right it is gonna reach the rest of us soon, no matter how many lockdowns we have, this seems like an endless loop now. I am forgetting a life before covid even existed. 

    the sad thing is that a life back to normal will be sooo hard to achiev - physically and emotionally 

  7. 3 hours ago, dafniye said:

    I hope they donate soon because many countries are in crisis at the moment. The vaccines should've been distributed equally around the world.

    yes! Have you seen India? It´s really sad to see...but I also was inevidable w/ the distributionn the companies had...I wish we can already abolish this system and respect all countries the same. 

    If this gets outta hand there it´s also gonna reach other countries very fast and it´s gonna get really bad for all of us. That´s why we can´t make huge classification when it comes to a GLOBAL pandemic. 

  8. Hello everyone! I wish you a great evening! 

    I just wanted to clarify a few things: 

    @LGSTEMS and I are no insiders. We´re part of the "ARTPOP Ambassadors" and we´re working very hard on planing some fun things for ARTPOP! 

    What we´ve teased today is something we were planing for about 2 weeks! Unfortunately it doesn´t depend on us but on someone else... 

    We´ve decided to tease it a bit with "Tea" since there´s a correlation between what we´ve planed and the song. But I can confirm and reassure you that the song isn´t going to leak (at least no that we know of), it´s not going to get released (unless Gaga and DJWS decide to) and we don´t have any new ACT II news. 

    LGSTEMS went a bit too far cause of excitement and trolled a bit that Tea is leaking/getting released. We are really sorry for that and in the future we´ll be doing better with the teasing and promotion! We´ll take things on a more serious level for you! We know that plenty of things in this fandom were traumatic and we´ve had our disappointments more than enough. We´re sorry again! :kiss:

    That being said, something IS coming next week and we hope you´re gonna have much much fun! We hope we can roll it out complitely like we´ve planned and give a great ARTPOP experiance!

    Paws Up :sad3: 

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  9. 1 minute ago, Giulia Monster said:

    Exactly, like I said before, I had covid for 4 weeks straight. I finally got tested negative only last Saturday, same for my parents, we have been in the house for a month.

    yes. people are infectious for about two weeks and that´s where it´s important to isolate and keep distance from others 

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