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  1. Hi! I have to say that it kinda gets me furhter away from reality. Especially stan twitter. like i feel more "connected" thematically with the people on twitter than my irl friends. At the same time it gives me extreme mental health issues because the app and some parts of the fandom are sooo toxic... I want to leave, but also want to stay cuz there´s some good people on it..
  2. They did leak that 8min BTW film tho. They have some connetions to the Haus I fear
  3. Ah great! What I really can´t wait for is to see that Gaga documentary with Oprah
  4. So apparently there´s gonna be two version of Babylon on Chromatica Remix Album. @/gagaunseen came back on twitter and added there´s also gonna be some new lyrics (might be Alice and/or Plastic Doll) What do yall think of that?
  5. is this legit? and when? the Paris show is supposed to happen in two months..
  6. yall were waaaay too much reaching. he literally archived those posts ages ago. probably cuz of his layout. he put one post back on
  7. We’re using BUY BORN THIS WAY ON ITUNES and not an # ! This way we can make sure the # doesn’t get marked as spam by twitter and we can use it days after 😋
  8. Oooooffff did MTV just invented a time machine? Sure feels like it 😭
  9. most of the countries organize the vaccination process very fast as soon as the vaccine arrive! So I don´t think you´re gonna have a huge problem w/ it. It just depends on the distribution tho
  10. So I was listening to ARTPOP (obviously) and G.U.Y. came on shuffle and I started dancing the choreo. It’s probably THE best choreo Gaga has. What are your fav and top choreos?
  11. Puh lemme try and list the shows I watch Grey‘s Anatomy, The Resident, New Amsterdam, Scrubs Chicago Med, P.D. and Fire Manifest The neighborhood, Mom The Flash, Supergirl, Batwoman, Superman and Lois Dynasty Riverdale Legacies Nancy Drew Doom Patrol Titans Killing Eve Lucifer
  12. That’s why my say as well 😭😭 and 🙏🏼 ❤️ Same goes out for you!
  13. This is soooo good! Idk why everyone hates on Sara? She’s doing a great job w/ Ga‘s make up
  14. Ouuuf she loooks soo good here! But when doesn’t she 😩🙏🏼
  15. omg wait this is tomorrow??? I’m so excited 😩🙏🏼🚨🚨🚨
  16. omg so i watched Sabrina from that list and i watch all the chicago shows 😲
  17. Same here 😩 idk the last time i slept that much since the petition and movement i have lost sooo much sleep
  18. Well, Alice was very suprising ROM was suuuuch a bop Fun Tonight was nothing I was expecting and it turned out to be my fav song. I thought it would be lame like the title but it turns out it’s the total opposite 😩 Chromatica II + 911 made me JUMP Plastic Doll sounds still sooo soooo good Sour Candy is a collapse no one could prepare me for 😩🙏🏼🚨🚨
  19. Brooklyn Nights Tea Tinnitus Onion Girl i must hear these 😩🙏🏼
  20. ommmmgg this is so hard but I think the EP album Artwork is my fave one! W/ black hair and mascara running down her face 😩🙏🏼🚨
  21. I want to have all the single CDs but they’re soo expensive 😭 and SL and ROM pic disc 😭 and the Free Woman blanket
  22. Ok so I’m curious, what shows do y’all watch? I’m watching a plenty but I’m always open to some new suggestions 🙌🏼
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