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Code of Conduct

Lady Gaga Now values respectful discussions throughout the site. Rules are enforced with penalties including warnings, restrictions, and bans. All members are expected to read and abide by the rules. These rules cover all sections of the forum along with each section containing its own guidelines. All members must be respectful to the administrators and moderators of LGN at all times. This includes private messages, suggestions, and forum support. Insults and other forms of disrespect will result in penalties that may include a ban from the site. 

The administrator and moderators of LGN reserve the right to take action and ban a member without prior notice to maintain the safety of the forum and a positive environment for our members. 

General Rules

Zero Tolerance Policy

The Zero Tolerance Policy covers all forms of hateful and discriminatory speech that make other users feel uncomfortable and unsafe. This includes but is not limited to racist, sexist, homophobic, or transphobic posts, as well as discrimination or offensive comments based on an individual's sexuality, gender, or personal choice to be defined as something else.

Offensive Content 

Do not post content that is sexual or discriminatory. This includes profile pictures, signatures, and other public profile content. Mentioning or linking to adult entertainment websites is also prohibited except in the NSFW section (see below). Content that is extremely violent or discomforting needs to be marked as such and must only be linked, not embedded. It must also be relevant to the topic at hand. 

Disruptive Content

All comments must stay on the thread's topic. Do not post comments with the intent of derailing the thread into off-topic conversation or out of control arguments. Thread titles must not contain misleading descriptions of the thread's content, capitalized words for the sole purpose of hyping the thread or all caps formatting. Fake news articles must be marked as such in the thread title and placed in the Rumors & Discussion section. 

Disrespectful Content

Critical comments are welcome, but insulting, bullying, or belittling any forum member is prohibited. This includes indirect means such as your profile picture, signature, custom title or in conversations with others. PMs may be investigated in extreme cases. Use your ignore list to prevent other members from contacting you. 

Leaks & Copyright Material 

Threads and posts containing direct links to leaks and/or copyrighted material are prohibited on LGN. To avoid legal concerns, this kind of content will be deleted as soon as possible. Ignoring this rule will not be tolerated and members who do so will be warned and banned.

Duplicate Accounts

Creating more than one account on LGN for any purpose will result in a ban for your duplicate and warning points added to your primary account. Additional infractions will result in a permanent ban from this forum indefinitely.

NSFW Content

The NSFW section contains adult content and is only accessible to members over the age of 21. This includes, but is not limited to, genitalia, buttocks, bodily fluids, or other sexually explicit content. Please include a warning/spoiler about any pornographic videos or images with a linked source. Underage members will be banned immediately. No nudity or pornographic content is allowed outside the NSFW section. Posting any NSFW content outside the section will lead to warnings and/or a ban. Please report all issues to the administrator or moderators directly via tag or private message.  

Penalties & Ban Lengths

Reminders - are warnings with no points attached. These are issued to new members, for first time offenses and content that isn't server enough to receive a full warning.

Warnings - are points issued to a member that breaks the rules. Points accumulate and expire over a period of time depending on the violation. Accumulated points will result in a ban from the forum after reaching a certain limit. You can view your warnings on your profile. 

First Ban - (3 Months) occurs when a member reaches 10 active warning points, or gets warned when they already have 10 active warning points. 

Second Ban - (6 Months) occurs when a member reaches 10 active warning points again, after already being banned once before.

Permanent Ban - In severe cases, members will be permanently banned from the forum (violating Zero Tolerance Policy, creating duplicates, refusing to acknowledge the rules, insulting staff, spamming, glorifying and/or making light of sexual assault, domestic violence, terrorism, murder, etc.).

Disputes - If you feel like your punishment was unfair and wish to dispute a warning or ban, you can contact our staff. Members who have lost access to the site (due to temporary or permanent ban) can contact LGN's staff.   

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