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Found 25 results

  1. Hi gaganow, somebody has the chromatica Spotify Canvas in the higher quality posible? 😩 It's been a while searching and I don't find them
  2. Hello everyone. Enjoy the "Queendom" Lady Gaga x Dom Pérignon commercial directly ripped from their official website in 1080p and vertical in 1440p. It does look better than the Facebook and Youtube files. I'll also include the 15 second versions from YouTube and the Facebook version if you want. Enjoy! [Hidden Content] 4K - Download link: https://mega.nz/file/mqZwVZiB Key [Hidden Content]
  3. Hello Monsters, this is my fanmade Alice (Short Film). I worked very hard on the editing of this video, which took me days and days to finish. I hope you like and share it. WELCOME TO CHROMATICA #ALICEnextSingle
  4. @GagaTrove Just shared the master quality of Lady Gaga’s Judas performance in SNL back in 2011. Enjoy! [Hidden Content] Thanks Gaga Trove!
  5. Download link: https://mega.nz/file/qRUmyLaC#xRdiG28cgA2EfU3DxN5FOAp_swyj-gpWu8TZryJmods Thank you @GagaTrove❤️
  6. @GagaTrove just posted the HD video from the LG Alternative Music video celebrating for their 1K Follows on Twitter. Thank you and congratulations Gaga Trove 🎉✨ Download full 4K Video: https://mega.nz/file/nYVWnbJJ#eSmAAbmF8TgIuTRpKT7EAGGYVhzc-GRApzUSFBI5Ptk
  7. Enjoy this fanmade HQ videos from the Born This Way Ball celebrating its 9th anniversary:
  8. Gaga Trove shared the master quality of Yoü and I at Sydney Monster Hall (2011). Download:
  9. Posting it here a little bit late, sorry.
  10. they said she updated her apple music header with this video.
  11. Hello Everyone! I hope all is well on your end :) I wanted to share this very special project that my friends and I created this fall. It is a reimagined vision of Lady Gaga’s Stupid Love, shot and edited by my best friend, Eric Lucido. ⚔️💓 Like and share the video on your social media, and PLEASE TAG @ladygaga in the comments on instagram and twitter!! Battle for your LIFE! 🖤⛓ Trey Gaga's Stupid Love (Instagram Link) Trey Gaga's Stupid Love (Twitter Link) ⠀⠀ Thank you so much to everyone that helped make this project a reality. @ericlucido @jaredhusni @itsv
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5sFnPOjbvI
  13. This section is for video requests only. If you haven't seen any content here, that you would like to have, make a comment below with your request. Remember to be detail oriented. I highly recommend checking GagaMediaArchives.com @Gaga Archivesfirst before making a video request.
  14. Hi everyone, does someone know where I can found the video of this performance in high quality ? Because on YouTube it's really crapy lol
  15. Download: gagamediaarchives.com/commercials Thank you @Gaga Archives
  16. I just found this video on YouTube: @Mattdo you have the full show? 😭🙏🏻
  17. GagaMediaArchives.com, uploaded an exclusive interview from de ASIB Era. Watch it below: Credits to Gaga Room Collection.
  18. Hello monsters! After today's news I think we all are a bit excited and sad at the same time. I look up at Tony Bennett and I'm grateful to him for the huge help and impact he had on Gaga's life. He's such a great artist and took the best out of her. Despite his artistry being boundless, he always made Gaga shine, valuing her. He's a real artist. I love them together 😍 There's never a time when Gaga doesn't have a smile on her face when she is with him. I started this topic so we can share our favourite jazz performances and songs. We never talk enough about Gaga singing jazz 😍 I wan
  19. In November 2009, Lady Gaga did a lot of promotions and interviews for the re-release of her debut album now called “The Fame Monster”. She did an interview with Fuse and now here’s the full interview with the lost tapes that were broadcasted in 2010. Thank you so much @Gaga Archives❤️
  20. I was scrolling through my homepage on YouTube and I see this video And I just remembered how much I love TF interviews. What do you think of this one? I really forgot about this interview, I got a lot of memories.
  21. @Gaga Archivesuploaded some Interviews from the BTW era! Check them out! (for the last interview, let’s not talk about the interviewer. Sorry for my last post so, I deleted it).
  22. I’m super happy to know GagaMediaArchives.com uploaded in FULL HD the iheart radio special interview about the ARTPOP Release party. I remember I was up all night watching the VEVO livestream for the album release party. Those were good times ❤️
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