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Found 3 results

  1. WhatsApp is bringing password-protected, encrypted chat backups for iCloud and Google Drive, according to a report. The new update, which is said to be currently in the works, would allow users to keep their WhatsApp chat backups protected from unauthorised access by using a password. Right now, your chats are end-to-end encrypted on your phone and that of the people you're talking to - but once you back up the chats, this is no longer the case. This has been a concern many privacy activists have raised in the past. WhatsApp features tracker WABetaInfo has reported that password-protected
  2. PLEASE ANSWER THIS POLL WITH HONESTY. Would you install it? Visit GAGAFLIX for more info. Trailer:
  3. Hey guys, as you know, I have a website called GAGAFLIX (more info down there). I'd like to make an app but I dopn't have many resources. So I'd like to know if you have experience on making apps and If you'd like to build one for me. For free BUT with all the credits you need!! Best wishes, GAGAFLIX.
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