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  1. Technically it turned one on may the 4th but it's still interesting to me how quickly time has passed. Any thoughts?
  2. A court in India ordered state and federal officials on Monday to draw up plans for sweeping reforms to respect LGBT rights, in a ruling that went far beyond the narrow terms of a case brought by a lesbian couple who said they had been harassed by police. Judge Anand Venkatesh of the Madras High Court ruled in favour of the couple, who had complained that police had subjected them to harassing questioning after their parents filed a missing persons report. But the judge also used the opportunity to issue a broad ruling that called for the elimination of what he described as illegal discrimination against members of the LGBTQIA+ community. He ordered state and federal government departments to report back with steps they intend to take to comply. Among his recommendations: police and government officials should be given awareness training to ensure they respect LGBT rights. Medical practitioners who claim to be able to "cure" homosexuality should have their licenses revoked. https://www.reuters.com/world/india/indian-court-calls-sweeping-reforms-respect-lgbt-rights-2021-06-07/
  3. The next steps when it comes to the 1-meter social distancing rule, face coverings, and working from home will be set out, the government said on Sunday night. Johnson has said we must “learn to live with the virus.”
  4. The Victorian government has launched an inquiry into a mental health organisation alleged to have falsified suicide helpline data so it could receive state government funding, with the acting premier James Merlino confirming on Friday the CEO of the organisation had resigned over the issue. The organisation, On the Line, delivers counselling and mental health services throughout Australia via outsourced telephone and digital counsellors for hotlines including Suicide Line Victoria, MensLine, the Defence All-hours Support Line, and the Regional Access Natural Disasters line. Samantha Fredericks, who began as CEO for the organisation in April 2020, resigned after an external investigation revealed “inflated reporting figures” had been submitted to government, a statement from On the Line provided to Guardian Australia said. Full story: https://www.theguardian.com/society/2021/jun/14/mental-health-service-investigated-over-allegedly-falsifying-suicide-helpline-calls
  5. In Europe or hoping to travel there? The EU Digital Covid Certificate -- known informally as a "Covid vaccine passport" -- will be issued by July 1. The EU has a white list of countries from which nonessential travel into the bloc is approved: Israel, New Zealand, Rwanda, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Japan and Australia. While the European Union is trying to create more universal requirements for tourism, conditions of entry differ from country to country. Spain opened to vaccinated travelers from outside the EU on June 7 while France opened in international travelers on June 9 (the same day as it resumed indoor dining and the national curfew moved to 11 p.m.) Those on France's "green list" -- vaccinated travelers from the European Union, Australia, South Korea, Israel, Japan, Lebanon, New Zealand and Singapore -- can enter restriction-free. Nonvaccinated travelers will need to do a Covid test. Vaccinated travelers from the "orange list" -- which includes the US and the UK -- will need to do a test, while the unvaccinated will be allowed in only for essential purposes. United Airlines will resume nonstop flights from Washington Dulles Airport to Paris Charles De Gaulle on July 1. Denmark has also opened to fully vaccinated travelers from the UK and the US and its neighbor Norway is letting the fully vaccinated skip quarantine. All foreign tourists can now visit Greece without the need for quarantine on arrival, provided they have a negative PCR test. The government plans to declare 80 islands -- including most of the country's top tourism destinations -- Covid-safe by the end of June. The island of Cyprus is open to vaccinated travelers from 65 countries, including the US and the UK. Ireland, which has had one of Europe's strictest lockdowns, will reopen to the EU, UK and US on July 19. Non-EU unvaccinated travelers will have to arrive with a negative test, then self-quarantine until they take a second post-arrival test Slovenia has also reopened to tourism with its own traffic light system and testing requirements, which you can read about here. The Netherlands is welcoming tourists from "safe countries with a low Covid-19 risk," while Iceland, a member state of the European Economic Area, opened its borders to vaccinated travelers back in April. Croatia is also welcoming vaccinated travelers, as well as those who present a negative PCR test or proof that they've recovered from Covid-19 within the past 180 days, and no less than 11 days before they arrive. The UK's transport minister, Grant Shapps, announced via Twitter on June 9 that a US-UKtaskforce had been set up to facilitate the reopening of transatlantic travel, but there is no news yet of resumption of flights. The Isle of Man, a self-governing British Crown dependency in the Irish Sea, is reportedly on course to fully reopen its borders with the UK on June 28, having been closed to almost all non-residents since March 2020. Having recently been knocked off the UK's green list, Portugal is hoping to build up some tourist numbers by welcoming vaccinated US travelers, but no date has been confirmed yet. More info: https://www.msn.com/en-us/travel/news/europe-reopens-spain-france-denmark-and-greece-welcome-tourists/ar-AAKY8D8?li=BBnbklE
  6. Hello everyone. I’m very concerned about climate change and how it affects us. Currently it’s summer in my country and I really don’t like hot days. During summer I’m always in a bad mood. But what really concerns me is the rising of the temperature, Honduras’ weather is tropical, so we only have summer and winter. And climate change not Only affects my country, it affects all the world. Last year we had two hurricanes; ETA & IOTA, and they were very horrible. A lot of people died and must of all the people in Sula Valley lost and partially lost their homes. What do you think about climate change and how It affects us? If you don’t believe in climate change you can also share your opinion. This is an open discussion.
  7. Karen Garner was arrested in June for walking out of a Walmart with $13.88 worth of items, according to a federal lawsuit filed earlier this month. She was arrested and left with multiple injuries, including a broken humerus, a dislocated shoulder and a sprained wrist, according to the lawsuit. Read more: https://www.cnn.com/2021/04/30/us/loveland-police-officers-karen-garner-use-of-force/index.html
  8. Instagram has announced the launch of a tool to enable users to automatically filter out abusive messages from those they do not follow on the platform. It follows a number of footballers speaking out about experiencing racist, sexist and other abuse on Instagram. Direct messages (DMs) containing words or emojis deemed offensive will be removed from view. The tool will be available in the UK, France, Ireland, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and Canada within weeks. More countries will then receive the relevant update in the coming months. "Because DMs are private conversations, we don't proactively look for hate speech or bullying the same way we do elsewhere," Instagram blogged. The tool focused on message requests from people users did not already follow “because this is where people usually receive abusive messages”, it added. More on : https://bbc.in/2QH0Wxs I think this is a great step. Too many people receive abuse content in their messages because they fear of being reported if they say that same stuff on comments etc. Social media can be very vicious, and the more steps taken to prevent that harassment, the better.
  9. COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Columbus police shot and killed a teenage girl who swung at two other people with a knife Tuesday, according to bodycam footage from the officer who fired the shots just minutes before the verdict in George Floyd’s killing was read. Officials with the Columbus Division of Police showed a segment of the footage Tuesday night just hours after the shooting took place in a neighborhood on the city’s east side. The decision to swiftly release the video was a departure from protocol as the force faces immense scrutiny from the public following a series of recent high-profile police killings that have led to clashes. The 10-second clip begins with the officer getting out of his car at a house where police had been dispatched after someone called 911 saying they were being physically threatened, Interim Police Chief Michael Woods said at the news conference. The officer takes a few steps toward a group of people in the driveway when the girl, who was Black, starts swinging a knife wildly at another girl or woman, who falls backward. The officer shouts several times to get down. The girl with the knife then charges at another girl or woman who is pinned against a car. From a few feet away, with people on either side of him, the officer fires four shots, and the teen slumps to the ground. A black-handled blade similar to a kitchen knife or steak knife lies on the sidewalk next to her. A man immediately yells at the officer, “You didn’t have to shoot her! She’s just a kid, man!” The officer responds, “She had a knife. She just went at her.” The race of the officer wasn't clear. The girl was taken to a hospital, where she was pronounced dead, police said. It remains unclear if anyone else was injured. Police did not identify the girl or her age Tuesday. One family member said she was 15, while another said she was 16. The shooting happened minutes before the verdict in the killing of George Floyd was announced. Protesters who had gathered peacefully after that verdict to call for police reform and accountability quickly shifted their focus to the killing of the girl. The crowd of about 100 could be heard chanting outside police headquarters as city officials offered their condolences to the family and acknowledged the rarity of showing bodycam footage so soon after a police shooting.
  10. Hey monsters, I quit social media (for now) and I’ve been focusing on looking at things, observing, listening. I’m replaying the chromatica interviews and album and it’s so much fun without all the noise. How are y’all doing?
  11. HAPPY EASTER with this masterpiece ❤️❤️ When he calls to me, I'm ready I'll wash his feet with my hair if he needs Forgive him when his tongue lies through his brain. Even after three times he betrays me!!
  12. France will enter a four-week COVID-19 lockdown starting Saturday, President Macron said Wednesday. French President Emmanuel Macron announced on Wednesday that France would enter a four-week lockdown starting on Saturday as hospitals struggle to contain a surge in COVID-19 cases. "We will lose control if we do not move now," Macron said in a televised address. Macron said that schools would close for three weeks, that a nationwide curfew would be imposed from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m., and that nonessential shops would shutter. The new restrictions also require people to have a certificate to travel further than 10 kilometers, or 6 miles. Read full article.
  13. Sadly, I have not met a celebrity not once, but i know some people who have met a celebrity.
  14. What do you plan to do as soon as life is back to normal?
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