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  1. Theres been rumors that Gaga and Ariana might collab again for Ariana's next album dropping soon 👀. Knowing Ari she always collabs with artist she loves and admires. For instance Nicki, Abel and Doja. They collaborated so many times and theyre all fire tracks 🔥. I think the ROM collab is the start but definetly not the last time these italian queens will collab. I actually think we will get a new collab on her next album. Itll be intresting to see how it fits in Ariana's vibe and world. What do you think or hope though? Also lets all manifest together🕯
  2. According to The Times, Lady Gaga, Abba, Andrea Bocelli and Aerosmith. The musical A-listers are all signed by Universal, who have a partnership with Fifa. Read more: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/party-ships-will-stop-qatar-2022-world-cup-fans-going-dry-in-the-desert-89lks90nd https://www.the-sun.com/sport/premier-league/3703514/qatar-2022-world-cup-lady-gaga-abba-party-boats/
  3. The two shows by Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett will be filmed by Netflix. People who bought the most expensive tickets are receiving a number of demands, including the use of social attire. It will be prohibited to wear clothing with logos, and they stress that the film crew's cameras can disrupt some parts of the shows. "One Last Time: An Evening With Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga" will take place next week in New York.
  4. Streets are saying the first single of Love for Sale is gonna be released on Tony's birthday, August 3rd. What do you think about that?
  5. WHat do you think guys? Do you think this is happening?
  6. According to Showbiz 411, Love For Sale, the long awaited follow up to Cheek To Cheek will be on sale during the last week of July, leaving only the 30th as the release date (Being a Friday) This is so exciting!!
  7. Please tell me this is not coincidence that lady gaga has met with the CEO of disney and these pics are from 2018 when the rumour 1st started? @ladygaga #Disney #TheLittleMermaid #Liveactionremake #Ursula
  8. There’s been rumors about a collab between Adele and Gaga for at least more than year, also an insider claimed that Drake has two pop girl collabs on his next album... There are also people who hint the possibility of Cardi B collab... Which one do you believe, would you be here for any of these collabs?
  9. Apparently this lady is press at Eurovision and she said she believes Gaga is going to perform tonight? There has been plenty of rumors around it but I wonder why wouldn‘t they annouce it sooner to get the ratings up? https://twitter.com/engelmaxim/status/1396032345283743750?s=21
  10. The Twitter account “gagaunseen” was back. But before deactivating again, they leaked a 3 sec snippet of Princess Die, an unreleased song from 2012 performed during de BTW Ball.
  11. Lady Gaga had planned a virtual concert with Fortnite for December 2020, according to leaked documents from Epic.
  12. Thats the HOG cinematographer, who posted Last week in Rome
  13. According to Google, Lady Gaga will perform at the Eurovision song contest on 22nd May, 2021! This might most likely be fake, but what an exciting concept!
  14. Lady Gaga recorded a new song called 'La Malka Des Lions" And it seems like it's for The House of Gucci 😱 La Malka Des Lions is translating to The Malka of Lions (thanks google)! So Malka can mean queen? The Queen of Lions? I -
  15. Hi little monsters! Tara opened a new account on Instagram where she uploaded a few pictures of some make-ups she did on Gaga. Another make-up artist commented on a photo asking for her to come back and she said she will... ...people are going crazy about this and think she may come back to the Haus. But actually she just replied to another make-up artist, not to a fan! So, she never mentioned the Haus or referred to the Haus! Anyway, she shared many photos of Gaga and just reposted a story about her 🤔 I'm puzzled... What do you guys think? Would you like her to come back?
  16. Well, Gaga and Ariana's official Japanese Twitter account are teasing something coming tomorrow at 7AM (JST). Maybe a reissue of the album? 🤔 What do you think it will be?
  17. Hi monsters, so what is your opinion on Babylon EV or did you like the album version better? Do you think it will get released or a music video treatment?
  18. Hi Monsters, drop your thoughts and theories on everything Sour Candy with BLACKPINK related. 🍬🧚‍♂️🧚‍♀️
  19. A new website opened to celebrate 10 years of Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett's collaboration. TonyGaga.com
  20. Appearently Gaga has uploaded a private video on her channel. The last time this happened, it was the 911 music video. Are we still clowning or is this finally it?
  21. Surfing the internet, specifically on Twitter, I saw that there are rumors that point to a presentation of Lady Gaga, tonight in Times Square (NY). Do you think that is possible? As we know when there are leaks of old Gaga songs, it is because she is planning something... Is it possible that tonight I will make an appearance and sing some songs of chromatica?
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