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  1. A pretty vague question but just kinda thinking about how there sooo many snippets and mixes with the MANiCURE stems on YouTube and SoundCloud.. do yall think they're gonna leak soon? This is my all time fav gaga song so I'm very much looking forward to it
  2. Ok so I’m curious, what shows do y’all watch? I’m watching a plenty but I’m always open to some new suggestions 🙌🏼
  3. So I was listening to ARTPOP (obviously) and G.U.Y. came on shuffle and I started dancing the choreo. It’s probably THE best choreo Gaga has. What are your fav and top choreos?
  4. Which track would you most like to see on ARTPOP Act II? Don't forget to sign the petition or suggest a song that I could have forgotten!
  5. 1000 Doves really shocked me. And after watching the CBS This Morning interview it opened my eyes even more about her.
  6. We have two iconic artworks for The Fame Monster. What’s your favorite?
  7. Let's be real, Gaga has always had one of the coolest merchandise ever. I personally have had my eye on the red tentacle Coachella hoodie. But I've never been able to find it anywhere 😭 I'm curious to know what other monsters favorite sold out merch is.
  8. What is your favorite Lady Gaga album? And why. Let's discuss.
  9. I love, love, love Countess. She was a perfect sex icon, dominatrix, confident strong woman. What are your favorite quotes of hers? My favorite is "Your boy has a jawline for days"
  10. This is my favorite video to ever exist. I fell in love with 911 the exact moment gaga posted this video. But I've always been confused, is this Bobby or Michael? I lean more towards Bobby because of the built of the body, but I still have my doubts. Who do you think is this? Was it ever confirmed? Put me out of my misery please ladygaga_20200529_094617_0.mp4
  11. Hello little monsters What was your first memory of lady gaga, i will go first. I was 2 years old in 2009 or 2010 and i was in the car with my mom and she put yhe fame monster CD in the disc tray and i loved lady gaga ever since. Matter of fact that was my very first memory.
  12. Hello little monsters I have been woundering lately if any of you guys ever saw the lady gaga simpsons episode (season 23 episode 22 of the simpsons) and if you liked it or not.
  13. Mine is her Born This Way tattoo, I also have it.
  14. Leaked in full only, OOC fans pick another one for now. Mine keeps changing with moods, but I can say that my life would be a lie without those, in this order. Blueberry Kisses is the most sentimental tho, it was the first time I've ever waited and longed for a song to leak, by any artist, as MJ had lots of songs out throughout my childhood and my uncle was my unreleased mp3 provider, so I felt complete with him. Gaga still doesn't have much songs out, and it feels unreleased is just an important mass of her work to have. 1. Let Love Down 2. Second Time Around
  15. I have so many! I'm really obsessed with this one at the moment: I feel it's pure ARTPOP. Can't get sick of listening to it
  16. I love the concept of Little Monsters official application. But I don't understand why fans don't use it anymore and Gaga isn't active there either. The theme and layout of it is very cool and I wish it was still as famous as it was back in the day!
  17. Has there ever been a Gaga song where you felt like it was made just for you? For me; Hair, Bad kids, and Replay feel like Gaga's having a conversation with me ❤️
  18. So if you are on twitter, you probably would have seen so much of fan made artwork for singles or albums and sometimes i feel like its better than the original artwork for that particular single/album. What are your thoughts? Do you think artist should hire fans to help do their artwork?
  19. My room is full of big size posters and there is one of Gaga performing the SuperBowl Halftime Show, and I have some drawing that I made myself. I’m curious, which photo of Gaga do you have in your rooms?
  20. Any Gaga tattoo? Either ones like hers or inspired by her? I have the peace sign, the Gaga music notes, la vie en rose and “la dolce vita” she says that in Donatella
  21. alguien de Latino América pidió algo del merch de Chromatica? quiero pedir pero no se si va a llegar/cuando va a llegar/en que estado
  22. Whats your favourite Gaga tour? Vote below!
  23. First impression is really a huge factor. You want to make it last and the other person to be completely hooked. Which song would you choose to introduce a friend or a stranger to Lady Gaga? For me, I first try to make an understanding of their music type, and then I either tell them to listen to Million Reasons or Bad Romance!
  24. Hello little monsters, What would you do if you met lady gaga, i will go first, i would not act crazy and just treat her like a friend because that what she wants from her fans and i really like that.
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