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  1. My drea collaboration is a song by Katy Perry x Lady Gaga or Adele x Lady Gaga, since Michael Jackson x Lady Gaga is not possible :(
  2. 1000 Doves really shocked me. And after watching the CBS This Morning interview it opened my eyes even more about her.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm always fascinated by the fact that we all are from all around the world so where are you from ? 💜
  4. alguien de Latino América pidió algo del merch de Chromatica? quiero pedir pero no se si va a llegar/cuando va a llegar/en que estado
  5. Hello, monsters! Do you have an address to send a gift to Gaga?
  6. Mine is her Born This Way tattoo, I also have it.
  7. What is your favorite Lady Gaga album? And why. Let's discuss.
  8. I like gagas live better than the studio because I love her raw vocals because she sometimes changes how it goes for examples poker face, paparazzi and bad romance and many more.
  9. Has there ever been a Gaga song where you felt like it was made just for you? For me; Hair, Bad kids, and Replay feel like Gaga's having a conversation with me ❤️
  10. Leaked in full only, OOC fans pick another one for now. Mine keeps changing with moods, but I can say that my life would be a lie without those, in this order. Blueberry Kisses is the most sentimental tho, it was the first time I've ever waited and longed for a song to leak, by any artist, as MJ had lots of songs out throughout my childhood and my uncle was my unreleased mp3 provider, so I felt complete with him. Gaga still doesn't have much songs out, and it feels unreleased is just an important mass of her work to have. 1. Let Love Down 2. Second Time Around 3. Blueberry Kisses
  11. I’ve always wondered this. To me, it is the second part of The Fame, so it’s an EP.
  12. Which track would you most like to see on ARTPOP Act II? Don't forget to sign the petition or suggest a song that I could have forgotten!
  13. Also tell me some you DON'T want to see her experimenting with. For me I'd like to see her experiment with Soul, Folk and PC Music (RIP the sessions with Sophie ) I wouldn't like seeing her experiment with Drum & Bass, Hardcore and Ska. (Just a personal opinion don't come for me pls)
  14. Hi, I hope I'm allowed to post this So I have a question I have the ARTPOP artwork in lossless quality, tif format Better than in any gallery out there, I think But the colors are a little bit off Streaming platforms have the cover in this two variants but the tif file looks like this more washed up, more warm and more intense one same file, different programs, different colors is there a way of getting the streaming variant out of the tif file? or is it impossible? can someone help me with this? tif file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Y8kIzZw7LOM38kTNVo21jch2wMe3mvHw/view?usp=sharing
  15. I was feeling pretty tired today and just in the mood to relax, so I wanted to put on some Gaga tracks that are more low-energy. What are your favorite songs of hers that you put on when you just want to chill? For me, my picks would definitely be Eh, Eh and Hey Girl!
  16. Which Gaga song covered by another artist is your favorite? I absolutely adore the version of "Dance In The Dark" by Rina Sawayama.
  17. Hey little monsters! I have a question: If Gaga would be asked to do the Super Bowl half-time show again, which songs she didn't included in the first one would you want to hear her perform there? (To be fair, you can use Dance In The Dark, Love Game, Paparazzi and The Edge Of Glory too, even it was part of the intro) I'd love to hear Rain On Me (with Ariana Grande), Applause, Perfect Illusion, John Wayne, Paparazzi, Shallow (with Bradley Cooper, The Cure, 911 and Marry The Night I'm excited about your lists!
  18. Hi guys so ive been thinking and with the Chromatica remix coming up, we will probably get Babylon EV/HL (hopefully). So i want to ask you guys if you were given the chance to direct the Music Video, how would you tell the story and describe it. Give details no matter how big or small im curious as i know lots of us are talented in drawing/making artwork. I want to see how you would do it. It doesnt have to be long just describe how you picture it. xx
  19. Did anyone knows this font? (Title of the album and tracks)
  20. I've been thinking recently about how record labels take advantage of fans. When I booked to see Lady Gaga for her Chromatica ball, I saw that it cost nearly $3000 or more for a meet and greet. What's more, I think merchandise is so much and obviously; fans will buy it as we love her. I'm just starting to feel if Lady Gaga is really genuine about her fans if her record label can charge so much? Like sometimes, I get the feeling we are being taken advantage of. They charge so much for exclusive content, merch and more. And all of this is under her brand and name... Im just curious what you guy think?
  21. Let's be real, Gaga has always had one of the coolest merchandise ever. I personally have had my eye on the red tentacle Coachella hoodie. But I've never been able to find it anywhere 😭 I'm curious to know what other monsters favorite sold out merch is.
  22. Hey everyone I'm new here, so nice to meet everyone! In the past few months I have fallen in love with Gaga's unreleased track "Nothing On but the Radio" and have been listening to it nonstop on YouTube. BUT in the past 2 week, I have seen that videos with the song have slowly been disappearing... and I'm not talking about videos that came out recently, I'm talking about ones that have been up for YEARS. now this could be nothing... but I just found it very convenient since DJWS and Gaga where planning on talking about ARTPOP part. 2... also DJWS deleting all posts on the topic as well... I'm not here to give people false hope or start anything... just a fan wanting to listen to some damn good music! lol
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