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  1. If you enjoy it, let me know. I love GaGa and love making these mashes! Happy New Year!
  2. It's been a while. Missed you guys. Happy Holidays and all the best in the New Year! Hope you enjoy my latest mash. #HOME-atica Also check my youtube channel as I will be posting more NEW GaGa mashes for the holidays -- thanks, SoPhamiliar Lady GaGa / BLACKPINK / 2NE1 - Sour Candy 2022 (SoPhamiliar Don't Stop The Mash)
  3. Days ahead of Chromatica first anniversary, the "Sour Candy" demo sung by Madison Love leaked online. She's one of the writers of the song. Listen:
  4. What is dis hunny? The Queen, Summerboy and Paper Gangsta… chile…
  5. 12 years ago Lady Gaga released “Bad Romance”. Even though the song peaked at #2 on the Billboard HOT 100, Bad Romance is considered as one of the most successful songs of all time, with record breaking views and streams.
  6. This is the first mashup I've made, and I think it turned out pretty good :) Hope I can share this here! I'm a massive fan of both artists and thought these two songs complimented each other well.
  7. Let's discuss Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett new upcoming project!
  8. Hi guys! I’ve found this amazing unboxings from Love For Sale! Enjoy. Japanese Deluxe (Mini LP) International Deluxe (Mini LP) Target Exclusive CD Target Exclusive LP Standard CD Picture Disc (Walmart) Vinyl Boxset What’s your favorite edition so far?
  9. During an IG Live, Lady Gaga shared her happiness for her second jazz album with Tony Bennett; “Love For Sale”, and she declared this is eight studio album. So this her discography: Thoughts?
  10. Hey monsters! Let's use this forum to spread our art pieces. Music, films, drawings, paintings, dance videos, etc. I want this forum to be a place to share what we love doing and spread more kindness in our community I'll start with my latest video: A Medley From Chromatica, featuring Replay, 911, Alice and Enigma. I hope you enjoy it! https://youtu.be/R7AaZxQCPGQ
  11. Gaga just performed, "Let's Do It, Let's Fall in Love" by Cole Porter at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures opening gala.
  12. Rihanna says her next album is "going to be completely different" while promoting her latest Savage X Fenty Show. Do we believe her? or do you think we are finally getting new music?
  13. Lil Nas X has just dropped his debut album Montero!! All the tracks on Montero are charting the top 100 of US Apple Music and 5 of the tracks are in the top 10! He even showed interest where he would like to see a crossover in the Chromatica universe, Planet Her universe (Doja Cat's latest album) and the Montero universe. No secret he's a huge Little Monster. So have you listened? and what are your top 5? Lets support a fellow little monster making it big! 😈 💕 🦋
  14. Hi all! I'm Arin, a mashup artist and obviously a massive Little Monster. To celebrate the release of Dawn of Chromatica, I have released my mashup of Scheiße and Faceshopping by the late amazing SOPHIE. This was in collaboration with Ethan Merlyn, originally planned for our (now-scrapped) Born This Way 10th anniversary mashup. I hope you listen to what we've done and stay tuned for more!! YouTube: Soundcloud: xo
  15. Hi all, I'm ArinInflux, a rather small content creator on YouTube and Soundcloud. You might know my mashups, particularly Don't Start Now x Hung Up and Physical x Toxic (which was shared on both Britney's and Dua's Instagram!). I'm posting this under "Pictures and Videos" because it didn't allow me to pick "Audio" as a topic for some reason. Gaga is one of my 'main pop girls' as I've been a huge fan for an entire decade now! Evidently, I make mashups featuring her songs as well (Judas, Alejandro, ROM, 1000 Doves, Bloody Mary, 911), which you can find across my channel. More Gaga mashups will definitely continue coming. The reason I'm making this post is, besides spreading the word about my channel, to highlight some of my favorite Little Monster creators listed below, which I hope you will all check out if you haven't done so already. Please enjoy our creations and feel free to include your favorites as well! DanceInTheDark (+ second account) Ethan Merlyn (+ Soundcloud) enigma Haus of Afrodita (+ Soundcloud) HAUS OF APHRODITE Immortalpop (+ Soundcloud) Stache TheMarryGaga (+ Soundcloud) TufosMashups (+ Soundcloud)
  16. Rapper and singer Azealia Banks’ 4-night concerts in New York City are officially sold out. Originally as a one night show, she has been adding more dates. She has shared the news on her social media:
  17. A 14 seconds snippet of the Plastic Doll Remix with the one and only Demi Devil Ashnikko was played live during a DJ set by Aquaria. It sounds like a hit already!
  18. Hi everybody i posted a new video of me playing piano on my instagram and i have posted a link below i would really like it if you check it out you will really like too its called Grass Valley on a rainy august day ⚔️💓 https://www.instagram.com/p/CSw9JRmlGrJ/?utm_medium=copy_link
  19. Made a playlist with a few songs featuring confirmed artists on the Chromatica Remix Album. I love every song and most every artist featured. links from Spotify and AM are linked in the tweet below. enjoy ! 🤍 https://twitter.com/nextlevelbilly/status/1425146322374602754?s=21
  20. Gaga finally acknowledged Chrimatica the Remix album and Sayis its F***ING FUEGO...🙌🙌🙌🙌
  21. Hi Little Collectors If you like physical releases from other artists than Gaga, this is the place to discuss it! Weither it's your new piece in your collection, a preorder you're expecting, an exciting new Urban Outfitters edition… It's here! I'll start with sharing my Discogs! You can see all of my collection over here! And here are my two latest items:
  22. Besides Gaga I also listen to Lorde, HANA, Rina Sawayama, Grimes and St. Vincent
  23. Hi monsters, so the Chromatica remix coming up (hopefully) and the features are really promising (both confirmed and rumored). However its sad to see some people being mean already hating on it without it even being out. These artist deserve recognition cause they really have amazing work and discography So id thought I would make a short list of song recommendations from the each of the featured artist on the album (both rumored and confirmed) to maybe get you into their discography. So lets go! 1. Shygirl So Shygirl has already been confirmed to remix Sour Candy. Shygirl recently dropped an EP titled ALIAS, So i would highly suggest you to give it a listen, its truly one of her best work yet. Herse a link to a playlist to the EP with visuals and music videos to all her songs. 2. Charli XCX I believe alot of us have already heard Charli before but those who havent i suggest you have a listen to her mixtape, Pop 2. 3. Ashnikko For Ashnikko i would suggest you to listen to Slumber Party, Daisy, Drunk With My Friends, Tantrum and Deal With It. Tantrum Music Video 4. Grimes Pretty sure we all know Grimes but if you would like to give her a try start off with her classic Kill V. Main then SCREAM, We Appreciate Power, Violence then 4ÆM. After if you would like to continue, you can start with Miss Anthropocene (album). Also here's a performance video of 4ÆM which I you really need to watch. 5. LSDXOXO I really recommend you to listen to their EP Dedicated 2 Disrespect Spotify link: 6. ARCA Now Arca's music is truly experimental, i dove into her discography this year and im very happy to say its one of the best decisions ive made this year. I started listening to KLK (with Rosalia) and it was love at first listen. I really recommend you to listen to KiCK i (you can start with KLK then Watch and La Chique then the entire album) . Its her most accessible music yet and filled with bops and i would describe it (in the words of gaga) an explosion of electronic music. So really check it out. KiCK i link:
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