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  1. Any fans of Lana Del Rey Here? Stream her new single Chemtrails Over The Country Club
  2. One of my favorite k-pop groups is back! 😭❤️ And I’m super happy about that. Here’s their new song: Also answer these questions: What is your favorite song from GOT7? Who is your bias? My favorite song is breath and my Bias is Jackson 😍❤️
  3. Hello! Any BLINKs here? We can talk about our four queens in this topic ❤️ You can answer these questions to start this topic. 1. What’s your favorite album? 2. What’s your favorite song? 3. What’s your favorite music video? 4. Who’s your Bias? 5. Who’s your Bias breaker? 6. How did you know about BLACKPINK? Here are my answers: 1. Kill This Love 2. Stay 3. How You Like That 4. Jisoo ❤️ 5. Lisa 6. I know them his their debut, but I’m a blink since Kill This Love era.
  4. Hey, Monsters! Any P!nk fans here? I've been a fan since I was a little kid hearing her song "So What". On Monday, she posted a TikTok video on her new account (@pinkofficial) of her 9 year old daughter Willow singing a song called "Cover Me in Sunshine". IMG_7942.MP4 https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeR7fAsk/ Then, last night, in an IGTV video, P!nk confirmed that she and Willow will be releasing the song as a duet tomorrow (12th Feb 2021)! IMG_7944.MP4 https://www.instagram.com/tv/CLIjXFtJBC0/?igshid=c287te8lo2iq The music video will premiere here at
  5. Selena has shared the official tracklist of her highly anticipated Spanish EP “REVELACIÓN” 1. De Una Vez 2. Baila Conmigo (with Rauw Alejandro) 3. Buscando Amor 4. Dámelo To' (feat. Myke Towers) 5. Vicio 6. Adiós 7. Selfish Love (with DJ Snake) De Una Vez is a masterpiece. I’m obsessed with it.
  6. Bad Bunny follows with eight nominations -- including artist, song, album and social collaboration of the year -- while Ozuna is recognized with seven nominations, including artist and collaboration of the year, favorite video and virtual concert. In a sign of the times, the Latin AMAs adds the brand new category favorite virtual concert of the year, as most concerts have gone virtual due to the ongoing global pandemic. As with all Latin AMAs categories, winners will be determined by fan voting. See the full list of nominees below. Artist of the Year • Anuel AA • Bad Bunny
  7. Ava Max has been in the music market for a short time. However, she already has several hits to her credit that are played over and over again on radio stations (at least the ones I'm familiar with). These include Sweet But Psycho, Kings & Queens, Salt, So Am I, among others. Her look has been repeatedly compared to Gaga's. What do you guys think? Do you like her? Do you listen to her music? Maybe you have never even heard of her?
  8. Hello little monsters I was wouqndering if any of you guys play any instruments, i can play a guitar and thats it, but some weird reason i feel likt i can play a paino, i have once but not that much.
  9. Since Ari launched the music video for the 34+35 remix today, what about we launch our AG thread! Do we have any Arianator (she's right, it's an AWFUL fanbase name 😂) in the house?
  10. So.. 2021 is near... have you got an idea on what’s going to happen to Chromatica? Sour candy video? New promo? New merch? New visuals? Let me know ! ☺️
  11. Grimes is one of my favourite artists and saw not that long ago that gaga followed her on Instagram. Grimes is also friends with bloodpop and hanna so I think we can expect a collab with gaga someday. what do you think?
  12. Does anyone remember this iconic unofficial song? If you do you’re a Super Fan or an old Monster. I remember everyone was crazy about this song made with various Gaga samples from music and interviews. Even there was an official version of this song with completely different vocals and it had a music video. Do you remember “Glamour Zombie”? Is this the first time you know about this? Let’s discuss!
  13. Hi guys, Do we have any Abel fans in the house? While I always liked the hits from afar, his latest album, After Hours, REALLY was it for me, I was really impressed! The era is basically flawless, and it's still not over! After countless MV and performances, the "Blinding Lights" singer will take the biggest stage of them all on Sunday, the Superbowl Halftime show! If you want to see him live, you'll have plenty of time, his fall tour got postponed (and extended!) to fall 2022. (If any of you still had hopes for TCB...) Full schedule here! Here's a teaser vid
  14. The 63rd Grammys Awards will be on January 31st, 2021. What’re your predictions for the big 4? What about other categories that interest you? I personally predict Lady Gaga & Ariana will win Pop Duo/Group.
  15. tony


    To be honest, I just know Amuro Namie as a J-Pop artist. I’ve listened to all of her albums and she’s a great vocalist. She is the QUEEN of J-Pop. Also I’ve seen some of her concerts and she can dance and sing the house down. She’s incredible. I was sad when she announced her retirement, but when all her music was available for stream I was so happy! I really needed to listen to Wild, New Look, Fast Car, Naked, and Only You every single day!! I guess @Leography knows 100% who I’m talking about. Right? Here are some music videos from her:
  16. Hi little monsters 💖 Since my whole journey with music has been inspired by Lady Gaga I wanted to start this Topic where you can post your Cover versions and original songs that have been inspired by Mother Monster 💖⚔️ Let‘s appreciate and inspire one another 💞 Here‘s my version of 911: And an original song inspired by her with a little Lyric tribute to Gaga „You stared at the ground and I just waited for a SIGN FROM ABOVE“ 💖💖 Let‘s share our creativity 👨🏻‍🎤✨
  17. AURORA is one of my fav artists besides gaga. I love her vocals she sounds like an angel and has a very natural vibe I love her she's so sweet. What is your favourite AURORA song? Mine is queendom
  18. Hi Little Collectors If you like physical releases from other artists than Gaga, this is the place to discuss it! Weither it's your new piece in your collection, a preorder you're expecting, an exciting new Urban Outfitters edition… It's here! I'll start with sharing my Discogs! You can see all of my collection over here! And here are my two latest items:
  19. Mexican singer and actress Danna Paola had an interview with an Argentinian TV Host and influencer and she said she would like to collaborate with GaGa. Watch the interview below: If you don’t know her, here are some MVs and a scene from the “Elite” series for you to enjoy:
  20. Gaga has worked with so many talented producers. Who are your personal favorites and who are the ones that you don’t want Gaga to collab with again? I personally love Mark Ronson, he might be my favorite producer. He has such a cool and beautiful style. (Valerie, Uptown Funk, Nothing Breaks Like A Heart, Joanne) I also like RedOne, Gaga and RedOne undeniably create magic together. Also I have to say I do not like BloodPop as a producer. I don’t like the way he often creates choruses that are based on chopped vocals and cheap beats. Gaga’s vocal and musical talents gets lost in his pr
  21. Besides Gaga I also listen to Lorde, HANA, Rina Sawayama, Grimes and St. Vincent
  22. I want to start a new thread with this amazing news. Any swifties?
  23. Welcome Onces to the TWICE discussion! Let’s discuss anything about our 9 queens! There are some threads I created about twice, but let’s discuss about Chaeyoung and Dahyun’s latest video: What do you all think?
  24. Hi everyone, Please click here to listen to my cover of Always Remember Us This Way. I recorded it at my music teacher's recording studio which is situated at the back of my music school back in 2019 but I'm only getting the chance to post it now. My music teacher first taught me how to play the chords for this on the piano, and after a few weeks of practicing, he brought me down to the recording studio where we recorded me playing the isolated chords on a keyboard which he connected up to his computer. We then added in the drums and strings electronically. Then, another day, I wen
  25. I remember listening to The Edge of Glory on the radio and the next day buying Born This Way and being obsessed
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