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Found 17 results

  1. Hi! I'd like to invite all of Little Monsters from Poland here!
  2. Visto che non c’e ancora uno scalo italiano, eccomi qui per probare a creare una rete tra fan italiani. Da quale parte dell’Italia venite? Da quanto siete fan di Gaga? 😊
  3. Bonjour et bienvenue à tous les français 😁 je suis Adeline, et je suis de nantes.
  4. Ако някой тук е българин и би желал да комуникира на български с останалите, заповядайте, очаквани сте, хахахах
  5. I know you all can speak German if you like But which languages can you actually speak? I'll start... English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and a bit of French! I'm learning Modern Greek at the moment. I love languages 😍
  6. Hola amixes 👋🏻✨ ¿Cómo están? ¿Hay monsters de Latinoamérica por aquí? Los latinos que viven en Estados Unidos también están invitados a participar.
  7. Shalom y'all ;) Does anyone else here speaks the holy tongue of the holy land?
  8. اینجا مانستر ایرانی هم داریم؟😀
  9. It's Eurovision time and I want to represent my country - Lithuania :) The Roop - On Fire (Eurovision 2020) This is the their new song for this year Eurovision: The Roop - Discoteque (Eurovision 2021) What was your favorite Eurovision song from 2020 and what do you expect from this year Eurovision?
  10. HOLA, cree esto para ver si hay más argentos por acá <3 repórtense
  11. Hallo, meine deutsch-sprachigen Mitmonster. :)
  12. Hi! I'm from Turkey and this topic for Turkish Little Monsters and who wants to learn Turkish. Does anyone know Turkish in there?
  13. Ahlein! As we have tons of dialects, you can start by saying what's yours and where from? I'm speaking town levantine, Jerusalem (2uds)
  14. Olá BRASILLLLLLLLL!!!! Sejam todos muito bem vindos ao LGN, estamos muito felizes em receber todos vocês! Esse é um espaço seguro e acolhedor para todos os little monsters do mundo inteiro! Então sintam-se a vontade para interagir aqui, totalmente em nossa língua e também trocar opiniões, redes sociais e tudo mais!!! BEIJÃO!!!!
  15. Hi everyone! I'm Joy, I just recently found this website (and I'm so happy I did). I've been a fan of Lady Gaga since the Joanne era. I hope to find new friends here. Anyone here from my home country, Philippines?
  16. Bienvenides a la renovada comunidad creada por Lady Gaga Now (y muchas gracias a @Matt y todo el equipo de LGN por crear un espacio para lxs Little Monsters extrangerxs). En esta nueva sección, podemos hablar nuestro idioma nativo, el español. Sientánse cómodxs y recuerden esparcir amor y bondad.
  17. Hi Malaysian Little Monsters. Apa Khabar korang? Harap Khabar baik. Jom berkenalan sambil bersembang. ✌
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