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Found 24 results

  1. I found this in my gallery and wanted to start a fun game here! Which song are you according to your zodiac? I'm 911. (confession, 911's my favorite off the record that's why 😁)
  2. We all know Gaga’s debut album has several artworks. I would like to know what’s your favorite one.
  3. Hello Little Monsters, It is my greatest pleasure to introduce one of the biggest giveaways that I've ever done on LadyGagaNow. Thanks to the many incredible donations that LGN received when the website was hacked, I managed to buy a few extra things from Lady Gaga's shop. In this upcoming game, I hope it will make you discover our new amazing community. Have fun! Prizes The prizes include: 2 1 x Stupid Love Picture Disks 1 x Chromatica Japan Edition with Limited Edition Poster 1 x Chromatica Limited Edition Box 1 x Chromatica Pic
  4. What is the correct answer according to you for this multiple choice? 😆😅
  5. I used to create these small interactive games for my fanaccount on Instagram (which now, is sadly gone) and I made this one for the VMAs. I thought it would be fun to post it here and start a game! So, which 3 songs would you choose for the ultimate medley?
  6. I found this pic on Twitter and I just wanted to play a little game. Maybe for some of you might be obvious but....IS THIS KATY OR GAGA?
  7. My biggest dreams in life is to become a big singer/songwriter/actor who is in blockbuster movies and playing sold out shows at venues across the nation
  8. Coming later this week, stay tuned.
  9. Put below a funny video about Gaga! I'll start with this
  10. Hi, guys Do you play animal crossing? I'm posting this so we can share our codes and play together. My switch code is 5723-8816-9588 I have a lot of items to giveaway if you need. Did anyone else use "chromatica" as the island name?
  11. Hi! I didnt see a section on video games ( sorry if there is one i couldnt find it ) so i decided to make this place where we can share our favourite games to play. Ill go first, I love playing minecraft and roblox on pc with my friends. But Im looking for more games to play... tell me your favourite games to play here!!! 💗💗💗
  12. Which alter ego of Gaga is your all time favorite? It can be anyone; her film, TV, or backdrop character. Mine is without a doubt Ally Maine. The Countess comes next 💦
  13. rules- 1-no searching no matter how tempting 2- bonus points if you name the album it belongs to. 3- have fun
  14. If you had a chance to be a close associate of Lady Gaga, no matter how close, who would you choose AND why? I would want to be her best friend. (ahem ahem looking at you, Bo) I just think their friendship is very pure and the fact that they've stuck by eachother through childhood and adulthood is so wholesome. I'm so glad Gaga has her.
  15. Ill go first using my username! J - Judas U - ? ( if you can think of one tell me ) D - Dance in the Dark A - Applause S - Shallow Now you try 💗💗
  16. Send me your favourite Gaga hairstyle and let's see which one we'll be the most popular one
  17. Hi there! I created a thread with several questions for Gaga stans, feel free to participate!
  18. I love the whole album(10/10) - But, my favorite song is replay (10/10)
  19. I don't know if this has been done here before, but thought to try this trending topic 💀 I'll start with three: 1- f 2- DON'T TAKE PICTURES OF MY PU$$Y 3- My beautiful v*gina is very offended by that question.
  20. Tell me your least favorite gaga song and let's see others monsters opinion
  21. Tell us your favorite Gaga song without telling the exact name and let's see if anyone can guess the right answer 😀😀
  22. Which album is the superior. Twitter is always on war which album is better. Lets see what yall think.
  23. Welcome to our first GagaNow GIVEAWAY! We are partnering with an amazing artist, Amaury (GagaStackFigures on Instagram), to give away one of his precious creations. To have a look at what he's capable of, please visit his Instagram Page and give him a follow. In order to enter the contest: - Sign up on our website - Insert your instagram handle on your profile - Leave at least 1 pertinent comment (or create 1 topic) on our forum. (gif and emoji don’t count) - Follow GagaStackFigures' instagram page. We'll pick a random user on January 9th and gift them
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