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  1. Hey folks! Go on https://todaystopfans.byspotify.com/ and tell us for how many hours you listened to Gaga! There is my stat
  2. https://twitter.com/TheBardiLegacy/status/1417656041651818501?s=20https://twitter.com/TheBardiLegacy/status/1417656041651818501?s=20 What do you think? Do you share fave Gaga songs with Cardi?
  3. Lady Gaga recently left a reply under Rihanna's latest instagram post. Could it be that she is teasing a collab/project together or is it just a casual reply. 👀
  4. Welcome to the Chromatica Remixes thread. What are your expectations for this new release? Confirmed collaborations: Rina Sawayama Bree Runway Shygirl Dorian Electra Charli XCX Rumored: Arca Grimes Ashnikko LSDXOXO
  5. Hello Monsters!! Gaga has just replied to a fan on Twitter dropping a #l ! Honestly I think she will drop a letter per day until the release of Love For Sale!! If this is right the album should come out on July 30 as we had already supposed. And it all would make sense What do you guys think? Is cryptic Gaga back? 👀
  6. Hello monsters! Next Monday, July 26 at 11 am (CET) they will announce the list of movies that will be presented at the 78th Venice Film Festival! The programme of the Festival will be presented in live streaming on the official accounts of the Biennale Channel on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Can't wait to know if the House of Gucci was submitted and will be presented in Italy! You can check all the information on their official website. Let's manifest it all together
  7. Monsters rank Lady Gaga's albums. Lets see your list!
  8. Which Chromatica songs would you like to see at the Vegas residency? Personally I'd love to see Alice, Replay and 911. I think Stupid Love will definitely make an appearance too.
  9. I want to see if any of you little monsters and Fellow kindness punks have any tattoos of Lady gaga, or any tattoos related to gaga.... GO https://twitter.com/hausofchris20/status/1409239247937224709?s=19
  10. Haus Labs Discuss Lady Gaga's latest cosmetics brand, Haus Labs or anything related to makeup here.
  11. APRIL 8 2020: The Hollywood Reporter has exclusively reported that MGM is acquiring the rights to Ridley Scott’s Gucci, a true crime drama about the murder of Maurizio Gucci who once served as the head of the iconic fashion house. The media company is said to be in talks with Lady Gaga to star in the production. MGM was given full control to develop the story over Netflix and one other streaming service, partly because it offered the possibility of a theatrical release, which was a key factor in consideration for Ridley Scott, sources say. Gaga would return to the silver screen as Patrizia Reggiani, Gucci's ex-wife who was arrested and convicted of arranging the killing of her husband in 1998 after she found out about an affair. The script was developed by Roberto Bentivegna around a book by Sara Gay Forden named The House of Gucci: A Sensational Story of Murder, Madness, Glamour, and Greed, and published in 2001. The book takes the audience behind the scenes of the murder, the motives behind it, the trials and the passions, the power and the complexities of one of the greatest families in fashion. Maurizio Gucci was the grandson of Guccio Gucci, the founder of the eponymous fashion house, and lead the company in a declining period in the 1980s. The release of the movie currently is set as Nov. 24, 2021. "Nothing typifies bold, audacious originality more than a film by Ridley Scott," says De Luca in a statement. "All of us at MGM are incredibly excited to be in business with Ridley, Giannina, Kevin and the whole team at Scott Free." DECEMBER 7 2020: DEADLINE confirms that Jeremy Irons will join the cast. The cast also includes: Adam Driver, Jared Leto & Al Pacino. JANUARY 10 2021: Production Designer of 'Gucci' is in Rome to look for locations for the Movie.
  12. Little monsters from twitter have created a petition for "Sour Candy" music video, in order to make it a trend and attract Lady Gaga’s attention just as happened with the petition for "ARTPOP act. II". If you want to support the petition, you can sign in the following link. https://www.change.org/p/sour-candy-music-video?redirect=false
  13. Happy Pride Month, everyone! 🌈🦄🏳️‍🌈 On Twitter today, NetBase Quid revealed the list of Top 10 People Being Mentioned Around the LGBTQIA+ Community on Social Media. As you can see, Lady Gaga is at no. 9 on the list! The rest of the list is as follows:
  14. I'll start. Whenever I say Sorry, I say it the way she said it at the Golden Globes. There's no going back for me now 😂
  15. ⚔So I have been thinking 🤔 hear me out.. the next image is going to be the one after plastic doll I'm going to try and use the same kind of gaga but at the moment, We have Gaga emerging from the depths of Alice Bay not only remembering the tragedy in her past the Scars On her mind are on Replay ...but then she is caught once on land and Experimented on hence the next One Plastic Doll... "Don't Play With Me It Just Hurts Me" Gaga is somehow transformed into a A.I but what comes next..... 🤔 I want your ideas for the next part in this Story ⚔ The Story Continues... #Chromatica #kindnesspunks #littlemonsters #Chromaticastory
  16. The most catchy lady gaga lyrics i have ever heard was “Im gonna marry the night” from marry the night I dont know why, but its just so catchy.
  17. Did you guys manage to purchase one copy of the Chromatica RSD vinyl? I personally love it, the little black and white Magazine inside is so cool!!
  18. Hey guys, I wondered if any of you would be interested in checking out my short video about how Born This Way changed the world? I’m a huge Gaga fan and would love to know the opinion of other fans on the era’s impact. I’m also just starting out on YouTube, so would really appreciate the support! Video link: In short: the BTW era was a *true* cultural reset that changed everything from LGBTQ acceptance in wider society to modern pop music itself. It truly is one of the most groundbreaking albums in recent history and I really enjoyed analysing it in my video. Let me know what you think! Paws up!
  19. The next Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga project is sooner than expected! A blurred tracklist from their new album apparently called “Love For Sale” has been leaked and many fans have already guessed some of the tracks. The album is set to be released on October and the lead single on Tony’s birthday. Are you excited for this new album!?
  20. Hey, monsters. I always found our comunity as one very very talented and inspirative fan base. So my question for you today is; How chromatica music video from your dreams looks like? For example, describe how you imagine music video for your fav (or not fav lol) song from Chromatica? /it would be cool if you can describe how you imagine outfits or even choreography, where the story of mv would take a place or whatever you want/ #chromatica4ever
  21. A place to discuss all things Chromaticoreo ! (Yup, that's what I'm calling them from now on.) In addition to the green/pink Oreo for the USA, and an awesome contest for US residents using Sing It With Oreo, different places around the world will also get regular Oreos, but with a nice Chromatica packaging! What do you think of this collaboration? Did you expect it? Are you excited to tried them? The Martin Agency, the graphic design agency behing this collaboration, shared a really cool behind the scenes of what the packaging could have been like! Full look on Behance !
  22. Gaga's US webstore is currently password protected with the now iconic image of Gaga wearing the leather Born This Way jacket! Generally when her store is password protected it means it's being updated with new merchandise etc so I think it's highly likely we can expect new merchandise and maybe even a reissue of the album in honour of Born This Way's tenth anniversary to be announced and available for preorder at 09:00 AM Los Angeles / 12:00 PM New York / 17:00 PM London / 18:00 PM France. Gaga's team did a similar thing for The Fame's tenth anniversary in 2018!
  23. I wonder when ladygaga will update her ul store with the Born this way cd tenth anniversary and vinyl? Why is the uk last!!!!
  24. Since the Chromatica Ball got posponed to 2022, what would be your dream setlist for this tour?
  25. Hi folks! I'm creating this thread with the intention of having a place to share our favourites Gaga references in movies, TV shows, songs, books, etc. This could go from songs usage to her persona being mentioned. There are hundreds of Gaga's references in entertainment and it'd be cool to have a place where we can have a lot of them and also maybe finding new stuff to watch, listen, or read? I'd like to start with the Percy Jackson movie Lotus Casino scene with Poker Face playing at the background: Funny not fun fact: this scene has been censored on Disney+. The other reference I'd like to share with you guys is one to her persona on the 6th season EP 6 of Netflix's Grace and Frankie where Frankie (Lily Tomlin) says to her best friend Grace (Jane Fonda) : "Look, I've been texting and flirting with Jack for weeks. I've set the stage. But now I've got to go out and be Lady Gaga, because this guy is COOL." So, what are yours? Feel free to share as many as you want and to keep coming back to this thread when finding new ones!
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