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  1. A place to discuss all things Chromaticoreo ! (Yup, that's what I'm calling them from now on.) In addition to the green/pink Oreo for the USA, and an awesome contest for US residents using Sing It With Oreo, different places around the world will also get regular Oreos, but with a nice Chromatica packaging! What do you think of this collaboration? Did you expect it? Are you excited to tried them? The Martin Agency, the graphic design agency behing this collaboration, shared a really cool behind the scenes of what the packaging could have been like! Full look on
  2. APRIL 8 2020: The Hollywood Reporter has exclusively reported that MGM is acquiring the rights to Ridley Scott’s Gucci, a true crime drama about the murder of Maurizio Gucci who once served as the head of the iconic fashion house. The media company is said to be in talks with Lady Gaga to star in the production. MGM was given full control to develop the story over Netflix and one other streaming service, partly because it offered the possibility of a theatrical release, which was a key factor in consideration for Ridley Scott, sources say. Gaga would return to the silver screen as P
  3. Hey little monsters , how are you ? I've noticed a lot of accounts on Twitter got suspended , it's a mess. What's happening and why now ? 🥺
  4. I'll start. Whenever I say Sorry, I say it the way she said it at the Golden Globes. There's no going back for me now 😂
  5. The most catchy lady gaga lyrics i have ever heard was “Im gonna marry the night” from marry the night I dont know why, but its just so catchy.
  6. Hi guys, have you seen the clubbing videos from Australia where played Replay 911 Babylon songs and Gaga retweeted replay one. Also I am really happy that part of Australia survived from corona and when I saw the videos I wanted to be in there. What do you guys think about it ?
  7. Hello little monsters I was woundering how lady gaga got her name i heard she got it from the queen song radio gaga. Fun fact whenever i hear radio gaga i like to swap out radio with lady to make lady gaga.
  8. Haus Labs Discuss Lady Gaga's latest cosmetics brand, Haus Labs or anything related to makeup here.
  9. During Chromatica era Lady Gaga has done many interviews: -The Tonight Show: At Home Edition -The Late Show with Stephen Colbert at Home -Jimmy Kimmel Live! From His House -Beats 1 -CBS Sunday Morning -People TV -Good Morning America -Japanese release of Chromatica -911 LG exclusive interview -Lady Gaga and Lamborghini What do you think was the most memorable? Mine's the CBS interview where she opened up about the darkness she had gone through.
  10. Hey monsters, so i think after the Gucci movie Gaga is gonna do more movies as shes taking her acting career really seriously (as she should ofc). So what genre of movie do you want to see her in and how would you describe it.
  11. I personally have the digi-book dlx international edition, but I didn't get so satisfied. The CD inside came scratched, so I'm seeking the box-set rn. Also, if the Urban Outfitters release a new vinyl of Chromatica with a cover sleeve, i'm going for it.
  12. What do you guys think of this look? I find it very cool!! And she looks badass.
  13. In your opinion, what are gaga most difficult songs to sing from each of her album? To me: -The Fame: Paparazzi -The Fame Monster:Dance in the Dark -Born This Way: Marry The Night -ARTPOP: Aura -Cheek to Cheek: Lush Life -Joanne: Perfect Illusion -A Star Is Born Soundtrack: Before I Cry -Chromatica: Enigma
  14. I will start, my favorite lady gaga era/album is the fame monster, it had the first song i have ever listened to in my life, bad romance. My 2nd favorite lady gaga era/album is chromatica because it has 2 of my favorite songs on it, replay and 911.
  15. What's your top 05 favorite music video of all time? Mine is: 01. Alejandro 02. Marry the Night 03. Bad Romance 04. Judas 05. G.U.Y.
  16. Pick your top track from each of LGs albums. I’ll let you guys go first because this is HARD
  17. While I'm personally not a fan of Jazz music, I truly do enjoy it when it involves Gaga. So I'm pretty excited for it. I think everybody knows that Cheek to Cheek really saved Gaga. Like really saved her. Because she was depressed and unfortunately suicidal, Tony Bennett really helped her during that period of time. I can't help but wonder, during the Chromatica interviews, Gaga has said a lot of times that she was suicidal during the making of Chromatica and she was depressed. That she thought that why should she exist other than to be there for her family. The producing of
  18. Hi everyone Which remixes do you prefer and why ? Personaly I love the sofi tukker remix because I love the fact that they respect the song without altering it to much. And I really like how they add sound progressively, it make me insane! 🤪🥳 Plus I like they adding "emergency" to the song.
  19. ...What was that all about? It was massive in like May and stuff when she started teasing it, the website even got found, we literally know what it looks like. I don't get why nothing has been done with it, it's really like the ARTPOP app. What do you guys think? I think it was a HUGE missed opportunity.
  20. I know we all are still on Chromatica and we all are hoping for the era to start again 💗⚔ ...but do you ever think about the fact that Gaga is probably writing LG7? 2020 was such a different year! She must've spent a lot of time at home like eveybody... What do you think the next album will be about? What genre do you think it be? And when do you guys think we will have it? I personally feel that it will take a while for Gaga to release a new album, unless it will be part of the movie's soundrack... I also have this feeling that she might get pregnant soon 🙊 but who knows!
  21. What is your favorite lyrics from chromatica? I really love "Before there was love, there was silent. I heard one sine and it healed my heart."
  22. We all know Gaga’s voice has a unique flair that makes every song stand out, so what are some songs by other artists that you wish Gaga was featured on? For me, it’s Prisoner by Miley Cyrus. Idk, I just feel like they were voices would blend really well together, even better than the Dua feature. Plus, I wish the rumor of Kylie’s Supernova Remix was real because that would also be dope as hell
  23. I think we don't talk enough about how funny Gaga is. I mean, I truly love when she is hilarious without even trying to be 😂 She always makes me laugh, she's so genuine and smart! Let's share our favourite moments!! Here are some of my mine (but there's more, they will just come to my mind ) So... what about her cooking skills? Do you remember when she beat up that poor chicken breast with a pan? I still laugh thinking about it hahaha (look at 3:15) I love this episode of SNL so much 😂 It's hilarious hahaha 2:09 She's so funny 😂
  24. Monsters rank Lady Gaga's albums. Lets see your list!
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