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  1. Hey! I just started the gym. My coach asked me which Gaga songs I would recommend to stream in the gym. I need your help! Which Gaga songs are you listening during sport?
  2. Lady Gaga as of today has released 8 lead singles, and all of them are so different that it really showcases how versatile she is. Which one of these songs are your favs? Mine would definitely be : Just Dance, Perfect Illusion & Stupid Love
  3. Were very close to the release of House Of Gucci, so before it premieres i want to know what are your expectations. Of course us being fans of Ga were gonna want and expect the best and no matter what she is going to serve hard. However is there anything you hope to see in her character, way of acting or anything else. Just drop them below and lets discuss it. After it premieres we can look back here and have another discussion.
  4. Haus Labs Discuss Lady Gaga's latest cosmetics brand, Haus Labs or anything related to makeup here.
  5. Dawn Of Chromatica is officially out everywhere. The album is truly one of a kind especially for a remix album. Which tracks are your current top 5 on the album and which tracks are underrated in your opinion?
  6. Earlier today, Lady Gaga's makeup brand, Haus Laboratories, announced via Instagram and Twitter that they will be releasing a new limited edition eyeshadow palette; the Love For Sale Eyeshadow Palette - inspired by Love For Sale, Lady Gaga's upcoming 2nd jazz cover duet album with Tony Bennett. The palette will be available exclusively on Instagram shop on Monday, the 27th of September 2021 (in the U.S. only) and will become available worldwide on hauslabs.com on Tuesday, the 28th of September 2021. There will be 18 shades in total in the palette; 9 matte shades (Its Delovely, Ive Got You Under My Skin, I Get a Kick Out Of You, Night And Day Etta, Dinah, Amy, So In Love & Let’s Do It), 4 metallic shades (Love For Sale, Just One Of Those Things, Nina & I Concentrate On You), 4 shimmers (Dream Dancer, You’re The Top, Billie & Ella) & 1 universal topper... Do I Love You. The names of each of the shades are inspired by a title of a jazz song, or the first name of a legendary female jazz singer. Both Lady Gaga & Haus Laboratories took to social media to promote the palette today. The posts below include details such as prices, etc. Haus Laboratories via Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/CUIg7NbveIz/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link https://www.instagram.com/reel/CUI8hXlBcZZ/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link I love this palette! I think it's so beautiful! What do you think?
  7. What are your thoughts on the trailer of House of Gucci?
  8. Hi everyone! Today is Day 20 of BeKind21, and my task for today is to start a gratitude journal. I was thinking that, instead of writing down the things I'm grateful for in a journal, I'd post them here and ask you all to do the same... Only if you want to, of course... Absolutely no pressure on anyone to share if they don't feel comfortable with it 🥰 Without further ado, here are some of the things I'm grateful for... - My family, my friends (especially irl but online too) and my pets. - Good, nice teachers. - Clean food and water. - My health. - Music (especially Gaga, but a few other artists too). - Movies, TV shows and musicals. - Comfortable clothing. - Art. - Jewelry. - The Health Service and the Fire Department because they help save people's lives. - Air conditioning/fans for when I'm too hot and heating systems/hot water bottles for when I'm cold. - Being loved. - And so much more! What kind of things are you grateful for? Feel free to share them in the comments! Thank you!
  9. Welcome to the Dawn Of Chromatica thread. What are your expectations for this new release? TRACKLIST:
  10. Bloodpop confirmed on twitter that the release date for Chromatica remix is up to interscope and apparently he has no control on it. Eventhough bloodpop worked on the remix album he seems to have his hands tied on the release of it.
  11. So by now everyone knows that the remix album for chromatica didnt drop on 20th August as expected. The date was told to us by Arca, an artist featured on the remix album. However no one from Gaga's team nor Bloodpop himself confirmed thd exact date but he did say it was coming in August. Arca was live in her discord server and said shes sad and sorry and she even tweeted and quickly deleted an apology she made to everyone who was counting her mentioning the date. What do you think happened? Was it pushed back or are we getting more than just a remixes? Maybe visuals for each remixed track which could be why it was pushed back (allegedly). What are you thoughts?
  12. Jimmy Edgar is one of the collaborators on Lady Gaga's upcoming remix album of Chromatica. Their track is featuring Bree Runway who we can hear in the beginning. I am sure I'll be replaying this snippet over and over again til' the official release!!
  13. ⚔ Gaga has emerged from the depths of Alice Bay (But We don't know how she got there?) not only remembering the tragedy in her past the Scars On her mind are Replay (Flashbacks constantly) and makes her way to the Capitol to seek help and guidance,then she is caught and Experimented on "Don't Play With Me It Just Hurts Me" Gaga is tortured and transformed into a A.I by the Junkyard Scavengers tribe... Gaga is now Half Robot half human... The Junkyard scavengers decide that what they wanted to achieve they couldn't so Gaga is deemed as the Plastic Doll (Failed Experiment) the inventor then decides there is only one option and to discard of her.... she is thrown into the desert of kindness... where she nourishes and starts to heal herself, Gaga vows revenge on the Junkyard scavengers, at this point its nightfall and Gaga patches herself up..... The next morning She Hears Music (Stupid Love Is Playing) "Now it's time to free me from the shame" All I Ever Wanted Was Love" .... The Story Continues where will Gaga go next .... #Chromatica #kindnesspunks #littlemonsters #Chromaticastory
  14. Gaga is back and she's serving with this beautiful yellow dress and pink purse !
  15. ⚔So I have been thinking 🤔 hear me out.. the next image is going to be the one after plastic doll I'm going to try and use the same kind of gaga but at the moment, We have Gaga emerging from the depths of Alice Bay not only remembering the tragedy in her past the Scars On her mind are on Replay ...but then she is caught once on land and Experimented on hence the next One Plastic Doll... "Don't Play With Me It Just Hurts Me" Gaga is somehow transformed into a A.I but what comes next..... 🤔 I want your ideas for the next part in this Story ⚔ The Story Continues... #Chromatica #kindnesspunks #littlemonsters #Chromaticastory
  16. After the trailer for Lady Gaga's upcoming movie, 'House of Gucci', was released last week, goldderby.com sent out a poll to its readers, asking them if they think Lady Gaga should win the 2022 Oscar for Best Actress in A Leading Role, for her role in the movie as Patrizia Regianni. Today, the results came in as follows: “Um, duh! Gaga is one of Hollywood’s most UNDERRATED actresses.” - 41% of voters. "She will be nominated but won’t win." - 51% of voters. "She won’t be recognized at all because that nom for ‘A Star is Born’ was a fluke.” - the remaining 8% of voters. You can read more about the poll here. Do you think 'House of Gucci' will earn Lady Gaga her first Best Actress Oscar Win? Let us know in the comments! It would be her 2nd Best Actress Nomination after she was nominated for the 2019 Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role for her role as Ally in the 2018 version of 'A Star is Born' (which she lost to Olivia Coleman for her role as Queen Anne in the Yorgos Lanthimos film 'The Favourite') and if Lady Gaga was to be nominated for the Oscar for her role as Patrizia, it would be her 3rd Oscar Nomination overall, including the one she lost to Olivia Coleman, as well as the Best Original Song One that she and Diane Warren were nominated for back in 2016 for their collaboration song 'Til it Happens to You' from the 2015 documentary, 'The Hunting Ground'. If she was to win the Oscar for her role as Patrizia, it would be her 2nd Oscar win overall, after she won the 2019 Oscar for Best Original Song for the hit song 'Shallow' from 'A Star is Born'. In another article, GoldDerby said that the Official 2022 Oscar Nominations are expected to be announced on the 8th of February 2022, while in this article, the The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and ABC have announced that the 2022 Academy Awards Show (also known as the 2022 Oscars) is scheduled to be shown live on ABC from the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood on Sunday, the 27th of March 2022. And that's the night before Lady Gaga's 36th Birthday! Wouldn't an Oscar be the perfect birthday present?!
  17. In a recent article, a source told Entertainment Tonight that Lady Gaga and her boyfriend Michael Polansky are the "real deal" and that Michael loves Gaga but is in love with Stefani The source also told ET that Gaga is happy, inspired and feeling very creative and that NYC has completely recharged her energies! The article also talks about family, future projects and setting down. You can read the full article here
  18. We're all pretty curious as to what Gaga might do next after Chromatica and Love For Sale. Question is what kind of sound do you think it'll have? What producers, people she's worked with and those you'd like her to work with, would she get? What fashion trends do you think she'd start? Let's see what this communities creative minds can come up with.
  19. In a recent GarageBand interview, Lady Gaga said something about fame and impact, which is very different from what she said during The Fame and The Fame Monster eras. At the end of the interview she said “don’t do it for fame, do it for impact.”. Back in 2019, Gaga tweeted the same quote: Also, on Fun Tonight she talks about fame; “You love the paparazzi, love the fame. Even though you know it causes me pain.” Gaga has evolved during her career. What do you think of her perception of fame now? Let’s discuss!
  20. Hey folks! Go on https://todaystopfans.byspotify.com/ and tell us for how many hours you listened to Gaga! There is my stat
  21. https://twitter.com/TheBardiLegacy/status/1417656041651818501?s=20https://twitter.com/TheBardiLegacy/status/1417656041651818501?s=20 What do you think? Do you share fave Gaga songs with Cardi?
  22. Lady Gaga recently left a reply under Rihanna's latest instagram post. Could it be that she is teasing a collab/project together or is it just a casual reply. 👀
  23. Hello Monsters!! Gaga has just replied to a fan on Twitter dropping a #l ! Honestly I think she will drop a letter per day until the release of Love For Sale!! If this is right the album should come out on July 30 as we had already supposed. And it all would make sense What do you guys think? Is cryptic Gaga back? 👀
  24. Hello monsters! Next Monday, July 26 at 11 am (CET) they will announce the list of movies that will be presented at the 78th Venice Film Festival! The programme of the Festival will be presented in live streaming on the official accounts of the Biennale Channel on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Can't wait to know if the House of Gucci was submitted and will be presented in Italy! You can check all the information on their official website. Let's manifest it all together
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