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  1. I am so happy to announce that after 8 years, our official domain is finally back in our hands. Maybe only the veteran monsters will remember it, but it's finally time for our website to match our social handles again. Welcome home: https://ladygaganow.net
  2. Hello everyone! I'm happy to announce that our LGN mobile app is now available once again on Google Play! Download or update it now to stay up to date about everything regarding Lady Gaga 🦄 Download
  3. Do they know you're a little monster and your opinion about it and about Lady Gaga?
  4. I finally got my t-shirt, and a special pin!!! Thank you LGN ❤️ Perfect fit, and really soft 😍 I was looking for that t-shirt since last year. I love those notes, and its hidden meaning ❤️ GAGA ❤️ What did you guys get???
  5. We are a community that values your suggestions and feedback. Your voice matters and we would like to hear your opinions.
  6. We are going to celebrate 10YearsOfBornThisWay with a very special streaming party. Join us on STATIONHEAD, connect your streaming service, and party with us. Each listener will count as 1 stream towards the album. We will also pick 3 lucky users with an account on our forum to give away 1 copy of the physical CD version of Judas. More surprises incoming, don’t miss them! JOIN US Full timetable.
  7. After almost 2 months, our official Instagram page is now back! Thank you to Lady Gaga's team for the help! Follow us: @ladygaganownet
  8. Hi guys! This guy was spotted at Gaga’s hotel in NY these days, do you think he’s Michael??? It does look like him to me, but at the same time he has something different 🤔 I hope we’ll be able to have some pics of them together, it’s been a while!!!
  9. This photoshoot and look is so Born This Way omg 😭😍 SHE LOOKS GORGEOUS!!!! HER BROWN HAIR!!!!!
  10. Please be aware that somoene is cresting fake accounts on Instagram pretending to be LadyGagaNow. Please do not follow them, nor give them any information.
  11. Eid Mubarak to anyone here who celebrates Eid! 🤍🌙 Today is Eid al-Fitr, which is celebrated amongst Muslims worldwide after the completion of the month of Ramadan, in which we fast everyday for the whole month 🥳💕
  12. Some of the Haus of Gaga members shared pictures of their time in Italy. They really had the time of their lives! SO LUCKY 😍 Like Sarah said on her Instagram, living abroad with your best friends and do something you are so proud of is such a blessing! They seemed like they had such a good time, and I hope they enjoyed Italy, and seeing beautiful places like Rome, Milan, Aosta Vally, and Lake Como. I wish we had more pictures of Gaga with them, going sightseeing around Rome. I really hope she did it, at one point! ❤️
  13. Hi all!! Yesterday I talked to a fan who met Gaga in Rome a few days ago. We don't know each other, but she was so kind to tell me all about her experience, and I love to hear these kind of stories 😍 and share it with you! Basically what she told me is that she and her friends spent a lot of time waiting for her at the hotel and on set, in the last few months. Of course it wasn't easy to see her, because of covid. Despite this, they managed to meet her last week, when she came back to her hotel from set, at around 9 pm. There were only 4 people (fans) at that time (remember that we still have a 10pm curfew in Italy), so Gaga decided to have a quick chat with them. Gaga was wearing a bathrobe and Patrizia's wig, so the girl told me Gaga didn't want to go out at first (I don't know why), but then she changed her clothes, she put a hood on her head, face mask, and glasses, so they could barely see her 😂 That's also why they didn't take any pictures. She told me that Gaga came out and hugged them together, in a group hug 😍😭 and signed their vinyls. They gave her flowers and letters ❤️ She also told me about their conversations, she said Gaga tried to speak Italian and she was trying to translate almost everything they were saying 😂 and she said she loves Aperol Spritz 🤣 lmao!!! So cute!! She told me Gaga was very lovely and happy. They didn't ask her for pictures or other things, as the drivers told them she was pretty tired after her long day on set. Finally, she told me that Gaga is vaccinated 🤗 YAY 😍
  14. I love Michael, do you? 😍 He switched his account from private to public only a few hours ago, but I am wondering WHY this sudden change? 🤔 I also remember he had 3 posts when he was private, while yesterday I checked his account and he had zero, now he has 2 😅 I'm so happy we can see his account and I would like to know more about him 😍 However, I also like the fact that he's a private person, so I kinda liked that his account was private 😅 Why do you think he switched? I think he's gonna get verified pretty soon!
  15. Lady Gaga’s latest post “Amore Mio ❤️🥺🇮🇹” My heart 😭😭😭😭😭 Her cap says “SICILIA”, which is Sicily, the region where her Italian family is from ❤️
  16. Hi all, I thought it was nice to share with you the experience of Andrea, an Italian little monster who managed to give Gaga a jacket he made for her. He shared his experience on Facebook and his post is totally public, so you can check it out here: https://www.facebook.com/100004706251530/posts/1951775028322687/?d=n (I think you can get the automatic translation). He bought a leather jacket and he decorated it with paint, Svarowski, and lining the interior with pink eco-leather. There's also a Chromatica keychain (I personally LOVE everything!!). Together with another fan, they managed to leave the jacket, and some letters, at the hotel's reception where Gaga is staying in Rome. They left letters for Sarah as well, as he is a make-up artist himself. They sent a message to Sarah on her Instagram, and told her they left gifts at the reception. As you can read in the pictures below, Sarah got the message and told him that both she and Gaga loved the gifts, she was so kind 😍 You can only imagine his excitement! It's really nice to hear this kind of story and achievement by talented artists and fans! I really hope Gaga is gonna wear the jacked soon 😍
  17. Hello everyone, When it comes to topics on the community section we've gathered that is best when we take a more situational approach. Unfortunately many topics that are regarding, say, particular arists or genres in music, are there just to catch dust and don't create much engagement cause they don't spark up a conversation. That's why we've decided that it's better for our forum that we open a new discussion whenever a new occurence happens to keep the natural conversation flow going. Moving forwards, topics such as ''Billie Eilish discussion'' or ''Lana Del Rey discussion'' would be closing off for the better. Feel free to open a discussion on anything that's news to us in order to discuss and you'll be notified if something isn't as it should be.
  18. Welcome to Billie Eilish Discussion Billie Eilish released her new single called "Your Power", which is the first single of her new album "Happier Than Ever", that will be dropping in July 30th. How you like the song? Which is your favorite song and album by Billie? 💚 The first song I heard was Lovely (with Khalid) back in 2018, and I loved it. I didn't know who she was, and forgot her name pretty fast, but then I heard about her over a year later, when she released Bad Guy and she got even more famous, and I realized she was the one who sang Lovely 😂 I love her songs, especially the lyrics! And one of my favorite songs is definitely Ocean Eyes 😍
  19. So let's dream for a while and pretend we all live on Chromatica, where time and space are not a thing, the coronavirus is not allowed in and we don't pay anything with money but with love and kindness 🌸 What would you like to do with other members of the community? How do you think life there would be? What would we wear (if anything)? I would love to go out for dinner together, or maybe cook together, (get drunk) and dance to Lady Gaga's entire discography Can you imagine how cool it would be to put all of our cultures together and share what makes us special and different to each other? Plus dancing and singing to Gaga and doing normal activities with people that share the same feelings for her would be so amazing Maybe at some point we could hop on a plane and go see what's going on on the Earth 🤔
  20. Photographer Antonio Carneroli shared these pictures of the beautiful wall made of flowers, given by Donatella Versace to Gaga, for her 32nd birthday!! "Tanti Auguri Gaga! Love Donatella" is written on it, which of course means Happy Birthday! It's so beautiful 😍
  21. Hi all! 💕 I think this is a passion that I share with so many people, and probably many of you. Traveling is one on my greatest passion, when I travel I feel alive, and I love to get in contact with other cultures and people. Traveling is essential for me, it's like food, I need it to survive! And it's not just a holiday for me, but a real experience. I love visiting new places and go on new adventures! 💕 I have been to different countries: Ireland, UK, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Croatia, Malta, Israel, Palestine, USA, Canada, and of course Italy, where I am from. But there are so many other countries that I would like to visit, in every continents. During the last 5 years I also lived in UK, Spain and the USA for quite some time, and that's what I really like the most, living like a local! Which countries have you been to and where do you wanna go?? I would love to hear your stories if you have any. Have you ever lived abroad? 🌍 Also, my passion for traveling is one of the reasons why I love GYPSY so much, and I feel very connected to its lyrics ❤️😍#GYPSY #ARTPOP
  22. I found this post on Facebook and thought it was nice to share this testimony with you. This Italian girl named Clelia filmed a scene with Lady Gaga on the set of "House of Gucci", and her father publicly shared their experience on his Facebook profile. Here's the translation I made for you, enojy: So, today has been a day I will not forget. Because not every day you got to spend it on set with Ridley Scott, and not every day your daughter plays a super scene alone with Lady Gaga. At the end of the shoot, I told Gaga that Clelia has two dads and that our family could not be more grateful for all the support she has given to the LGBT+ community, since the first day she went on stage: "You are a huge artist, but in our house, you are first of all a great friend". She held us tightly in a three-way hug and said she had always been there for us. And then she added laughing: "I have an Italian dad, I can’t imagine how wonderful it is to have two". ❤️ Gaga is such a sweetheart and I'm glad Clelia's dad shared their experience ❤️ Update: Oops sorry @Matt I posted this literally 2 minutes before LGN did 🙄 just got the notification from Twitter 😅
  23. LGN reminds me that today is Natali's birthday!! Even if she won't read us...HAPPY 29th BIRTHDAY NATALI ❤️ we know you are an amazing sister!!
  24. Hey everyone! this is my first time starting a topic on here, i hope i'm doing everything right haha! since the dogs are safe now and so many people thought of ryan or want to reach out to him to wish him a speedy recovery, i thought it would be nice to do a little something to make him smile and help him get through this rough time. so if you want, you can send a message for him along with a picture of you and your dog/pet (or alone) or art (both in square format if you can) to the email address below - i'm putting together an ebook and will send it to his friend so he can forward it to him (i already talked to his friend and he loves the idea!). <3 if you want to participate (summed up): 1. write a message for him and send it to [email protected] 2. add your name and/or username that you wish to be included 3. IF YOU WANT, add a selfie (square) of you (with your dog/pet if you have one, or just you 🤗) - if you don't send a picture, i'll just put some flowers next to your message! 4. you can also send in visual art in pdf, jpg or any other picture format 5. the deadline is march 3rd 2021! (i'll include everything sent in before around midday march 4th cet) if you have any further questions, you can also send them to the email address or contact me on twitter for a fast reply (@chromartica) <3 paws up!
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