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Found 17 results

  1. I love Michael, do you? 😍 He switched his account from private to public only a few hours ago, but I am wondering WHY this sudden change? 🤔 I also remember he had 3 posts when he was private, while yesterday I checked his account and he had zero, now he has 2 😅 I'm so happy we can see his account and I would like to know more about him 😍 However, I also like the fact that he's a private person, so I kinda liked that his account was private 😅 Why do you think he switched? I think he's gonna get verified pretty soon!
  2. I'm still new to GagaNow so idk if there's a space to do this so I'll just do it here I recently started playing around with some songs, filtering acapellas and stems and making mashups. I'm not good at it i just do it for fun. So if you wanna check it out you can find it here. I have more mashups/edits that I'm gonna post soon. Like i said, i'm not good at it but i'm hoping to get better. Also i'm working on some compilation albums/EP's, for example 'The Collaborations', 'The Team Lovechild Tracks', 'The Darkchild Collection', 'The Fame - Unreleased' etc et
  3. We are a community that values your suggestions and feedback. Your voice matters and we would like to hear your opinions.
  4. Hey monsters! Do you like cooking? Does your country have a strong food culture? What's your favourite food? And what do you like to cook? Let's share some recipes!!!!!
  5. Welcome to the LGN Community! Please use this topic to introduce yourself if you are a new member :)
  6. Hey guys, wishing you a great, cozy and SAFE Christmas!! So, what's your favorite moment? My favorite GAGA X CHRISTMAS moment is the Jingle Bell Ball and Lady Gaga and the Muppets Holiday Spectacular! MERRY CHRISTMAS !!
  7. Hello everyone, I restored the Search function on the whole website. Just click on "Search" on the toolbar, or on the magnifying lens from mobile to search Articles, Topics or Albums. Searchs are limited to 1 per minute.
  8. Today is the owner of Lady Gaga Now @Matt ‘s birthday! Can everyone celebrate Matt please? 💓
  9. Hey guys I am here to wish you an HAPPY NEW YEAR, full of joy, health and FUCKVID-19 free! Stay safe. Stay AT HOME! I know it's hard but think, if you behave this year, next year you'll be able to celebrate with freedom! Watch some movies, series or GAGA videos on our website heheheh
  10. Do they know you're a little monster and your opinion about it and about Lady Gaga?
  11. Hi guys! You have an Instagram and want to be followed by your fellow LGN members? Plug your account here! Here's mine, I use it to post my music collection, old and new stuff! You can follow it here: LEOGRAPHY's page 🌈
  12. Hi, Little Monsters since 2021 is coming (or already here) , list down some (if not all :) ) of your new years resolutions. Lets see if we have any in common.
  13. I am so happy to announce that after 8 years, our official domain is finally back in our hands. Maybe only the veteran monsters will remember it, but it's finally time for our website to match our social handles again. Welcome home: https://ladygaganow.net
  14. Good Morning Little Monsters, Hope all is well with you all. ! I was hoping we could all bundle together and cross-promote each other and a chance for us to see the art we create around us, whether physical or digital. It is true bravery being an artist, and as Little Monsters, definitely something embedded in us. Steam my album called THEOBROMIND
  15. I can't access it or even find it at all but when I google it it's there. Anyone else having this problem?
  16. ¡Bienvenidos! Today we're pleased to announce our collaboration with Ediciones Camelot. The Spanish publisher has released an exclusive bundle of the Born This Way Foundation "Channel Kindness" Book, fully translated in Spanish, and including a limited edition "Hope Kind Love Gaga" shirt, available only on their website. (To specify your shirt size, write it in the "notes" section on the checkout page). What makes this bundle so special, is that it costs as much as the book price alone, but it includes the shirt approved by the Born This Way Foundation. As exclusive t
  17. So, my mom sent me this, she's scanned one of the old drawings I did as a kid and THIS was one of them! I'm officially using this as my stan card, it's SO cute!
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