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  1. Hello everyone!!!! 😊 I'd like to share a couple of my favorite drawings that I made ❤️ The first one is made with colored pencils, while the second one is a digital painting made with a Wacom tablet. Hope you like them! Please show me yours!!! ❤️ FIVE FOOT TWO: 911:
  2. Big Freedia - Judas (From Born This Way Reimagined) single artwork MERCH CONCEPT Instagram: @kkkwanzzz let's celebrate <3
  3. Here is the 2nd Part of my CHROMATICA BALL CONCEPT. I hope you like it. Paws up, the journey continues. ACT II- MOTHERS PEAK STORYLINE As Gaga and the other crew members walk their way closer to the Volcanic formation in the North, everything seems to change. Their wounds seem to heal, their outer appearance shifts. All of the sudden, in all of them urges the will to fight for their right and a place in this universe. In the mindset of a warrior Gaga finds strength from being an outcast and a woman for the first time in her life. As they‘re moving on through lava fields, no one of them can deny a power within them. In these black and grey wastelands the last thing they would expect is life. Just so, until they stand right in front of a group of human-like beings, dressed all in white. First, unsure of their nature and intentions, Gaga and the other crew members try to hide. But the white-dressed, greet them with wise but rational words. They call themselves the „spritual ones/non-binary ones“, and explain their purpose as keeping together the energy of Chromatica - the name of the planet the crew landed on. Chromaticas energy source comes from the magma inside, a force older than anything else. This explains the power and healing Gaga and the other members were experiencing. It came from the inner core of the planet - transported directly through the active volcano. The spiritual ones refer to it as a female energy, Therefore the volcano as the source of energy is called Mothers Peak. The Spiritual ones are the only tribe capable of handling her gift without destroying it. Not abusing it for their own, but only for good. As Gaga asks them for help to leave this planet, the spiritual ones advise her, to head to the capitol. But they also advise her and the crew to be careful on the way. The Junkyard Scavengers are close by, always looking for the next best thing to collect and trade in the capitol - outcasts of the intergalactic society are worth alot if they get traided as slaves. With the sun on their side, the crew aims to the capitol, located behind a desert… Check out Part 1 - ALICE BAY
  4. first of all, this was inspired by the talented Warhol Killer and their principal idea of the The Fame Monster reissue, I just did my own take on the idea. hope you'll like it! https://www.instagram.com/p/CLuOzESp6mf/ Then, after these pages, they'll come the lyrics of the tracks, and I think the original sheets fit really well- What do you think about this idea? 😁
  5. I made a little project, being inspired by these k-pop singles for Lady Gaga and BLACKPINK You can check the whole project on my Twitter or Instagram
  6. "Go easy on me, Joanne..." Hi all, I made this 30 x Joanne edit in celebration of Adele's smash lead single "Easy on Me" which is coming out TONIGHT!! You can check it out below, and even show some love on Twitter (https://twitter.com/arininflux/status/1448709206492729346) which would be highly appreciated - Arin x
  7. Hey everyone! Wanted to share a few of my pieces of artwork. I'm a digital artist and illustrator, my main inspiration is pop culture. Here's a few of my Lady Gaga inspired pieces. Hope you like them. LOVE FOR SALE 🤍🎺🎼🥰 My most recent piece! CHROMATICA - ITS A SINE😄💗⚔ One I created after the release of Chromatica for the Lady Gaga x Adobe contest. Chromatica - Paradise is in my Hands🤍🌹 So much inspiration for pieces from the 911 music video! 💙 Born This Way 🖤❤ I'm in the middle of doing a series of album pieces in the style of the this and the Chromatica piece, I think I'm planning on doing ARTPOP next🔵❤ Rain On Me⛈ A quick piece I did not long after the music video release! Any support on Instagram and Twitter is much appreciated❤ Most of work is also available as prints on my Etsy! Other links! Thank you!
  8. Hi guys, I decided to start posting some of my fanarts here since I make a lot of them and I think here can be a source of inspiration. I hope you like it and follow me on insta ( jhuliart) <3
  9. I made this ARTPOP Act II animation! I hope you like it, tell me what you think IMG_5830.MP4
  10. Lady Gaga In... PLASTIC DOLL Here is another edit I have been working onnsince last night and finished it this morning.. #LadyGaga #Chromatica #plasticdoll "Don't Play With Me It Justs Hurts Me" ⚔1 style In the style of fanzine from the RSD and 1 normal bit of grain and hue not too bright⚔ https://twitter.com/hausofchris20/status/1413055533867839489?s=19
  11. "GAGA GOES CROFT " My Chromatica Story Continues The plastic doll was a failed experiment. The inventor threw it out to the Dessert of Kindness, The doll's machine, nourished by love in the desert, became strong and revived. "Now, it's time to free me from the shame" #Chromatica #ladygaga I gotta find that peace" ~Stupid Love playing I hope @ladygaga Notices my artwork I finally completed it after 2 weeks, my biggest challenge yet but I enjoyed it... #StupidLove #kindnesspunks #conceptart
  12. Hey Little Monsters and Fellow Kindness punks, my story will continue.... last time where we left off was The Plastic Doll being a failed experiment and is thrown into the desert of kindness where Gaga starts to Heal and stupid love is playing, Well I am still working on the next image my idea that I've got is a challenge for me and this is one of the biggest challenges I have done with digital art... stay tuned
  13. My concept artwork for a deluxe version of the upcoming jazz album, with a slipcase and CD I also posted these on my Instagram, so please consider supporting me there! I regularly post concept art for lots of musicians etc :)
  14. Hi! In my spare time I love to make album artworks, and wanted to share them here. I’ll name it ‘My Edits’ for now but I’m not sure how frequently I’ll upload things. Here is my ‘artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball’ CD concept!
  15. Hello everyone! I am so excited to reveal our new forum contest in an exclusive collaboration with our friends @AdamDriverFiles. Starting today, you can post an artwork inspired by Lady Gaga & Adam Driver's upcoming movie "House of Gucci". The artwork can be old or new, as long as it's made by you. The artwork that receives the most positive reactions by August 15 will win a pair of authentic Gucci Sunglasses, just like the ones Gaga is wearing in the trailer! We would like to remind you that to be able to leave a reaction, you first need to post at least 10 comments around the forum. The contest is open worldwide. Good luck artists!
  16. Hello monsters! So I've finally decided to share one of my drawings with you guys! I'm usually not happy enough with the result so that's why I never shared them before... I really hope you like it! https://www.instagram.com/p/COL4vKMJLWc/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet Can you all understand where I got the inspiration from?
  17. Hi! I have decided to share here my cover concept for the Chromatica Remix album that I have presented to the fan arts contest with great emotion and enthusiasm. I know that I am not the best creating drawings and graphic works but I am proud because at least I have been able to capture my idea in an understandable way. I also want to thank this platform and its organization for offering a space to show our art. I would like you to please have a second of your time to react to my post by entering this link and help me, thank you very much, I am very grateful. 💞💞💞 https://ladygaganow.net/forums/topic/2874-chromatica-fan-art-contest/?do=findComment&comment=26932
  18. Hello little monsters I had an idea, I was looking through the forums and I found an asset pack by @AntonZabornikov, when I found it I downloaded it and made it into some pages of fan art I hope you guys like it. I look forward to making more in the future
  19. I have seen many people share their fanart of Gaga here so I thought to share mine too. I'm still learning and honestly sometimes I don't feel as good about my art but I still want to share it ❤️ If you like them and want to see more, you can find them on my Instagram account with the same handle @dafniye 🥰❤️
  20. Hey Monsters, I made this poster for Stupid Love’s first birthday. Hope you like it 💓⚔️
  21. The Celebration: The 13th anniversary of the most iconic album of Gaga's career is coming so I decided create a especial edition with a recriation of the iconic Crystal Glasses, made by me following the original Haus of Gaga project. All the content is handmade manifesting the Gaga's 2008 cultural reset. - Fanmade project - The Box: The Content: Crystal Glasses | The Fame Album | Disco Ball Locksmith | The Fame Postcard The Unbox: Thanks! Follow me on: Instagram: instagram.com/queirovsk Twitter: twitter.com/queirovsk RT if you like, tag Gaga and Bobby, please. Cheek my another Gaga's project: Chromatica: The Board Game: https://www.behance.net/gallery/103854383/Chromatica-The-Board-Game xoxo
  22. So I tried and done some edits for the very first time. I'm not professional as you guys can see 😅 Just need some advice so I can prove my works because it was fun making these😄
  23. Hi guys! Im kinda busy but I made sure that I have something for Gaga's 35th birthday. So I made a fan art for her 🥰 Hope you guys like it! ❤❤❤
  24. Hey guys, how are you! hope you're fine :) I just finished from my fanart of gaga, for celebrating ARTPOP going #1 on iTunes! hope you like it :)
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