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Little Monster Since

  1. Hey monsters, I wanna know which song on Born This Way is your favorite?
  2. Hey guys this is the fashion topic you always wanted hahaha. Tell me, what are your favorite Lady Gaga's outfits? Here are mine: AND MUCH MORE hahahah
  3. Why did we never get that one version of Shallow that was in the ASIB trailer? I love that version so much, I hope they'll be releasing a studio version of it sometime in the future!
  4. Tell me your top five songs from Joanne album
  5. Tell me your top five songs from the BTW album
  6. As a little monster, my biggest dream is watching Gaga live for the first time and maybe one day get to know her personally!!! What about you?
  7. It makes things so much easier... to have a boyfriend/girlfriend who’s also interested in the things you care much about.
  8. Do you guys think we’ll get more music from the chromatica universe?
  9. Hi everyone, Does someone know who is the guy in the stupid love remix, and free woman too a little. I have an idea but it feels to weird lol its bothering me since I listened to chromatica for the first time !
  10. Anyone else order a signed chromatica poster? This has been the longest Gaga has ever taken to sign something it makes me wonder if the orders are just going to end up getting canceled 😶 the signature better be good since we waited like 7 months
  11. Personally, I REALLY want a rock album like Miley Cyrus. With originally being rock pre-debut and doing many rock covers, I think she would NAIL the rock sound, concept and look! What about you?
  12. If we werent called Little Monsters, what do you think Gaga would call us? I think maybe something like Kindness Punks or something with "Gaga" in the name. What do you think? Do you have any ideas?? 💗💗💗
  13. I like gagas live better than the studio because I love her raw vocals because she sometimes changes how it goes for examples poker face, paparazzi and bad romance and many more.
  14. So I don't know if it's all little monsters, but I'm always talking about Gaga. Like always. To the point where my family and friends are pretty tired of it 😂 I have turned two of my friends into little monsters. Plus my family is always up to date of Gaga's whereabouts. Today I was whisper-singing 911 around my sister (my sister is the only one whom I feel comfortable with singing in a low voice lol) I sang "my biggest enemy is me," and then I got lost into thought. My sister completed the lyric for me with "pop a 911". I was honestly surprised! She just stared at me, rolled
  15. Hi , did someone knows exactly when and why she started too used the name little monsters ? I saw some interviews where she talked about it but she don't always say the same thing lol so did someone remember ?
  16. After silence from Gaga and no new content in sight, it seems like the Chromatica era will be ending soon. Due to this, I am anticipating her next move. What do you think Gaga will do this year? Will she focus on promoting Chromatica or new movies or will she release new music all together?
  17. Hi everyone, I'm always fascinated by the fact that we all are from all around the world so where are you from ? 💜
  18. I have been a little monster since just dance came out when I was 3
  19. The Fame - Boy Boys Boys The Fame Monster - Dance in the Dark Born This Way - Scheiße ARTPOP - Venus (there was... but we didn't see...) Joanne - Dancin' in Circles Chromatica - Alica (especially the beginning of the ear should have been with that because of the storyline)
  20. Personally, I would tell her about how much she's impacted my life and how much she's been a positive influence to me!
  21. mine is I always and I mean ALWAYS look behind the shower curtain before doing anything in the washroom
  22. I see people disagreeing on this all the time so im interested jn your favourite? Mine is Born this Way but its close
  23. I think my top 3 would be... 1. Bad Romance 2. The Queen 3. Replay in no particular order... What do you guys think?
  24. What is your favourite music video from gaga, I mean like wich one do you rewatch alot?
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