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Little Monster Since

  1. I was blown away by the visuals for Chromatica, for me its some of her best.
  2. Here are some instruments that I know she can play but I want to know can she play other instruments than these: -Piano -Acoustic Guitar: -Drums: -Keytar:
  3. I love so many but my top 3 is: - ARTRAVE - GRMMYS PERFORMANCES (Specially the 2010 one) - 2013 and 2020 VMA's
  4. My favorite ones are from Paparazzi mv where she had Marilyn Monroe on her nails and the iconic nails from Bad Romance mv 😍✨✨
  5. Hello everybody! I was wondering... What is your favourite choreography of Gaga? And can you dance any of them? I really like the one of Judas, Applause, Stupid Love, Sheiße and well, Bad Romance is so iconic that I can't even judge it. I also love this bit of Born This Way 😂 (I know you all watched it singing "Oh there ain't no other way, baby I was born this way" ) As for dancing... I usually walk around the house dancing and I kind of freestyle in the shower, if that counts 😂
  6. I have heard that Lady Gagas unreleased music is really good and I want to give it a listen but i dont know where to start or where to listen. Can anybody help? Thank you :)
  7. As Gaga revealed that LG6 was originally going to be called Free Woman , but later it was changed to Chromatica If you had the choice, which title would you think would suit LG6 best? I Like Free Woman, but tbh, Chromatica is amazing. 1- It includes colors, which matches the theme of lg6 (the tribes) and her hair colors this era. 2- Chromatica sounds more futuristic than Free Woman. 3- I love it when she makes up a new word. Just like ARTPOP
  8. I think that her collab wih Oreo was so unexpected but I am so happy it did happen. Who wouldnt want a cookie inspired by Chromatica! I only became a little monster a few years ago so I dont know any of her earlier brand deals. Tell me what you think the most random brand collab she has done is. 💗💗💗💗
  9. the song I go to is usually bad romance because I know all the lyrics so I can sing along and that makes me feel better
  10. How many shows have you been to? Which ones?
  11. Personally, mine is the Eli Russell Linnetz photoshoot for the original concept for Enigma!
  12. If you had to chose to listen to only one of these albums, which would you choose? Id choose The Fame Monster
  13. I’ve noticed that on many dates of Gaga’s past tours & concerts (especially Joanne World Tour) that fans have managed to hear Gaga’s band and/or Gaga herself soundchecking from outside the venue. Have you ever heard them soundchecking? What songs did you hear? How early did you get there in order to hear it? I’d love to know!
  14. Which shoes that Gaga has worn throughout her career are your absolute favorite?? Mine are the monster ball boots and her pleaser platforms in black 🔥
  15. Hi Guys. I am someone who fell in love with Gaga's work through her music videos, and I always found facts about these to be interesting. Some of my favorites are that Gaga was only given a week to conceptualize her Artpop era music videos, that the Telephone music video holds a record for most product placements, that the Great Danes from Poker Face were also in 6 other music videos, and that the Do What U Want video was cancelled and has never been released. I know these are somewhat well known, but leave any other interesting facts because I would love to see them.
  16. What are your picks? For me, it would be: The Fame: Boys Boys Boys The Fame Monster: Speechless Born This Way: ScheiBe ARTPOP: Venus (promo single -> single) Joanne: John Wayne A Star Is Born Soundtrack: Always Remember Us This Way Chromatica: Sour Candy (promo single -> single)
  17. Tell me your least favorite gaga album
  18. All of her music videos are great but I don't think the Million Reasons music video is necessary.
  19. Answer Below: What color should Gaga rock next? I think a light red would look great for a potential (?!?!) Sour Candy Music but idk
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