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  1. Welcome Onces to the TWICE discussion! Let’s discuss anything about our 9 queens! There are some threads I created about twice, but let’s discuss about Chaeyoung and Dahyun’s latest video: What do you all think?
  2. I remember listening to The Edge of Glory on the radio and the next day buying Born This Way and being obsessed
  3. Even though we can't experience live music right now, this is place is to discuss all the concerts you've been to, the ones you liked best, the tour you're awaiting... Gaga or not! Personally concerts are my safe and happy place. Concerts venues are the one place I feel 100% myself, so I'm having a REALLY hard time with COVID because of that. But not to be a downer, we're here to spark joy and sweet memories until we can create new ones! I've been to 180 concerts so far, the full list is here if anybody is interested! (When I tell you i'm a concert freak, I'm not lying 😂)
  4. Hey monsters! Let's use this forum to spread our art pieces. Music, films, drawings, paintings, dance videos, etc. I want this forum to be a place to share what we love doing and spread more kindness in our community I'll start with my latest video: A Medley From Chromatica, featuring Replay, 911, Alice and Enigma. I hope you enjoy it! https://youtu.be/R7AaZxQCPGQ
  5. Have you guys seen the trailer of her upcoming documentary "Dancing with the Devil"? What are your thoughts? I can't wait to watch it. I think it's really good she decided to open up about her struggles. I hope this will be able to help people 🙏🏻
  6. Do you like to track your music stats and use last.fm? I love it! I visit the site every day and see how my charts have changed. Please give your names if you use or start using it. My nickname is: devillenter
  7. Are there any Mixers here?? Little Mix must be one of the most iconic girl groups ever but I feel like they are underrated. I never gave their music a chance until the release of their album "Confetti". This album is full of really good songs. My favourites are Sweet Melody, Happiness and Holiday. Please let me know if you like little mix music as well because I would love to talk about them with you!
  8. Hello everyone, I want to start this discussion because one of the best albums of 2020 it’s having a re-release. ✨ Future Nostalgia it’s not stopping and we are here for it. “The Moonlight edition” is coming this February 12th and here’s the official artwork and tracklist: Are you excited!? 🤩 What do you all think?
  9. I made this drawing back in September the day after the 911 music video dropped! I was so motivated and I'd like to share it here! Also, Matt, unblock me on Twitter please.
  10. give it a listen! I love this trend of doing medieval cover like this very much.
  11. I stan Carly, Dua, Rina, Florence, BANKS, Tove Lo, Grimes, and Slayyyter in addition to Gaga. What about you guys?
  12. The first concert i went to was in november 2019, it was an ariana grande concert. I first got the tickets on august, 21, 2019 (my 12 birthday) when my parents surprized me with them. I knew i was getting a surprise for my birthday but i did not knew it was going to be concert tickets for ariana grande. I was starstruck and i loved it. Those both 2 days were both the best day of my life.
  13. Any Miley fans here? I don't consider myself a huge fan, but lately I have been listening to her album Plastic Hearts and I LOVE IT!!! I think that she's kinda similar to Gaga in terms of being able to switch genres of music, they can both sings different kinds of music. I think Miley is really talented, I'm not in love with her voice in specific, like I am with Gaga's voice, but she does sounds good!! I look forward to hearing a rock album from Gaga too, with originals songs of course 😍
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