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Little Monster Since

  1. I want to make special mention of this great event, Twice made his appearance again on American TV, this time on the program "The Ellen show" which is hosted by Ellen DeGeneres. Thus becoming the first female Kpop group to appear and promote their new song "Alcohol free". It should be noted that this time it was a presentation with 9 members. Ending the More & More era and beginning the Eyes Wide Open era, Yoo Jeongyeon was diagnosed with clinical anxiety and had to undergo emergency surgery for a neck injury, resulting from dancing and overexertion. She recorded "I can't stop me" but it w
  2. Welcome to Clubmatica, fellow Monsters! I have spent the past nine months working so hard on this project! I wanted to give this beautiful album some new life, as our lives seem to head back to normal. I wanted there to be something which we could dance to again when we're gearing up to head back to the clubs. I wanted to take Chromatica's concept one step further, and take iconic 90's songs and samples and reshape them into something fresh and modern, which we could all enjoy together. Bringing the old and the new together, aligning them both. I'd LOVE to hear your opinions and
  3. Hi Everyone, So happy to find some like-minded friends here! I've done mashup remixes of all Chromatica Songs. Enjoy Vol 1 and please let me know what you think! Vol 2 almost complete and Vol 3 on the way. Check out this preview of all my Chromatica SoPhamiliar Mash Vol 1 mixes: Thanks LGN family! Happy Memorial Day Weekend and Happy Anniversary Chormatica! SoPhamiliar My Youtube channel for more GaGa mixes-- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvnG_I1Ye2_C5Own4tuoBgA
  4. Last one before Chromatica: The Remix drops TONIGHT! hope to see all of you on Clubmatica tonight! ❤
  5. Days ahead of Chromatica first anniversary, the "Sour Candy" demo sung by Madison Love leaked online. She's one of the writers of the song. Listen:
  6. Last single before I drop the entire album next Saturday! 💞 So excited for y'all to hear it! Let me know what you think, Monsters! And if you dig it, subscribe for the whole album remixed next week ❤
  7. Pop songstress Ariana Grande has just released an expanded version of Dangerous Woman including two unreleased tracks (''Step on Up'' and ''Jason's Song''). The expanded version can be found under the name ''Dangerous Woman (Edited)'' on all streaming platforms. Y'all I've been waiting for so damn looooooong for Step On Up to get released. I'm so excited! Thoughts?
  8. so tomorrow the new tracking week begins right at the same time Born This Way is hitting its 10 yearr anniversary like I do it on twitter, I want to try to give you hourly/half-hourly updates on it´s performance on iTunes cause I think it´s pretty interesting and exciting to follow it! Starting now BTW went from #348 - #295 to being currently #319 (ofc I won´t be able to upload the thread due to sleeping and work but feel free to fill in in the meantime <3)
  9. So apparently there´s gonna be two version of Babylon on Chromatica Remix Album. @/gagaunseen came back on twitter and added there´s also gonna be some new lyrics (might be Alice and/or Plastic Doll) What do yall think of that?
  10. Lisa from BLACKPINK made a performance for MNET Kingdom and she SLAYED as usual. Enjoy!
  11. EUROVISION SONG CONTEST 2021 Eurovision is an International competition that features participants representing primarily European countries. The contest is traditionally held in the country which won the preceding year's event. This year the contest is being held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, following the country's victory at the 2019 contest with the song "Arcade" by Duncan Laurence. The Netherlands was due to host the 2020 contest, before in was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The contest is presented by actress Chantal Janzen, singer and commentator Jan Smit, singer
  12. According to TMZ, Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez got married over the weekend 😱
  13. Couldn't wait!! Finished the entire remix album this weekend and afterwards redid the entire 911 remix and included the orchestral into/transition! ENIGMA out Friday 05.21! Full Chromatica: The Remix album is out on 05.29! Whoever likes and RT's this post on Twitter has a chance to hear the full album next Sunday!
  14. Hello Little Monsters! Tomorrow there's going to be a huge buying party for Born This Way!! The buying party starts at 7PM CET and we'll be trending BUY BORN THIS WAY ON ITUNES on Twitter. Also tomorrow make sure to buy the album if you haven't and get all your friends to buy it as well. Hope to see you take part of it, happy road to the 10th anniversary of Born This Way
  15. Little monsters need to hear the full and complete version of the incredible Free Woman Abrahaam remix. if you need it, please signed and share in order to make it happen, and get an official release on all platforms, and on chromatica the remixes album! Please share this link & petition any time you can! http://chng.it/5fhyfb92 Thanks!🙏🏻🌈
  16. Female Solo Artist Arlo Parks Celeste Dua Lipa – WINNER Jessie Ware Lianne LaHavas Male Solo Artist AJ Tracey Headie One J Hus – WINNER Joel Corry Yungblud British Group Bicep Biffy Clyro Little Mix – WINNER The 1975 Young T & Bugsey Breakthrough Artist Arlo Parks – WINNER Bicep Celeste Joel Corry Young T & Bugsey British Single “Don’t Need Love” – 220 Kid and Gracie “Rain” – Aitch and AJ Tracey ft Tay Keith “Physica
  17. Hello Monsters! A group of latin little monsters are planning on doing a HUGE streaming party for Born This Way and we really need all the help possible!! We're planning on trending #StreamBornThisWay on Twitter, on Sunday May 23rd while we stream the album together. If you wanna join us leave a reply on this topic with your Twitter user so we can reach you, or contact us directly via dm on: @/marrytheejudas @/gagasdazzler @/Dannyhozz @Gagaxmonsterss Spread the word! Let's celebrate this beautiful album together🖤
  18. Hey everyone! This is a censored audio of P!nk's new single "All I Know So Far", which came out yesterday! It's such a good song! You can find the official music video and uncensored audio of the song on P!nk's official YouTube channel, however, I don't want to post them here because they're extremely inappropriate for younger LGN members. This song was written for her daughter Willow who she duetted with on her recent song "Cover Me in Sunshine"! The official music video features cameos from her husband Carey, Willow, her son Jameson, and even Cher! P!nk also announced a docum
  19. This track was rumored to be part of Chromatica since Sophie was confirmed to be involved in the album, and later the track being played for one of her shows. What do you think? RIP SOPHIE ✨
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