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  1. Hello Little Monsters! Tomorrow there's going to be a huge buying party for Born This Way!! The buying party starts at 7PM CET and we'll be trending BUY BORN THIS WAY ON ITUNES on Twitter. Also tomorrow make sure to buy the album if you haven't and get all your friends to buy it as well. Hope to see you take part of it, happy road to the 10th anniversary of Born This Way
  2. Little monsters need to hear the full and complete version of the incredible Free Woman Abrahaam remix. if you need it, please signed and share in order to make it happen, and get an official release on all platforms, and on chromatica the remixes album! Please share this link & petition any time you can! http://chng.it/5fhyfb92 Thanks!🙏🏻🌈
  3. This track was rumored to be part of Chromatica since Sophie was confirmed to be involved in the album, and later the track being played for one of her shows. What do you think? RIP SOPHIE ✨
  4. Hello Monsters! A group of latin little monsters are planning on doing a HUGE streaming party for Born This Way and we really need all the help possible!! We're planning on trending #StreamBornThisWay on Twitter, on Sunday May 23rd while we stream the album together. If you wanna join us leave a reply on this topic with your Twitter user so we can reach you, or contact us directly via dm on: @/marrytheejudas @/gagasdazzler @/Dannyhozz @Gagaxmonsterss Spread the word! Let's celebrate this beautiful album together🖤
  5. Hey everyone! This is a censored audio of P!nk's new single "All I Know So Far", which came out yesterday! It's such a good song! You can find the official music video and uncensored audio of the song on P!nk's official YouTube channel, however, I don't want to post them here because they're extremely inappropriate for younger LGN members. This song was written for her daughter Willow who she duetted with on her recent song "Cover Me in Sunshine"! The official music video features cameos from her husband Carey, Willow, her son Jameson, and even Cher! P!nk also announced a documentary film and a live album, both called "All I Know So Far", which came out yesterday! I already love this song so much! What do you think? 💖
  6. Hi all! My name is ArinInflux. I'm a mashup artist and a relatively small YouTube creator. I try to keep my posts Gaga-related, but I just couldn't miss the opportunity to show you guys this new mashup I made especially since most Little Monsters are presumably Britney fans! I hope you all listen to and enjoy Daft Punk x Britney Spears - Work Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, Bitch!
  7. Earlier today, a user called “GagaUnseen” shared tons of snippets of Born this Way unreleased footage. And apparently leaked the “whole” video, but it seems that is a fanmade edit of official footage.
  8. Kat Graham is releasing her new album GALACTICA this summer. Thoughts?
  9. https://www.instagram.com/p/COc6BTol9Un/ Oh how the gays will run with this video and think Interscope / Gaga is going to release Babylon (EV) anytime soon
  10. The demo version of Jennifer Lopez’s Hypnotico just got leaked. This song is written by Lady Gaga, Akon, RedOne, Claude Kelly, and Tami Chynn, for Chynn's cancelled album, Prima Donna. Although originally planned for Chynn's album, Rap-Up reported on April 2, 2011 that the song was re-recorded and is set to be released on Jennifer Lopez's album, Love?. What do you think of this demo?
  11. Welcome to the "New Music Fridays" thread on LGN! In this thread we will disscuss any new releases during this week, and we will update a playlist curated by us every Friday. Feel free to share any new music release on your favorite artists.
  12. One In A Million - Welcome to the official Twice Discussion in LGN. Twice is a South Korean Girl group formed by JYP Entartainment. Their member are: Jihyo, Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu. ________________________________________________________________________ TWICE’s Jeongyeon trends as she appears in video after taking a break due to anxiety Fans are rejoicing after K-pop girl group TWICE’s member Jeongyeon appeared in a promotional video for the video game “Sudden Attack.” Jeongyeon went on hiatus last October due to anxiety and was unable to join TWICE in promoting their album “Eyes Wide Open,” which was released on Oct. 26 last year. Video game publisher Nexon announced on Jan. 7 that TWICE will be the first character in 2021 for the online game “Sudden Attack.” Jeongyeon went on hiatus last October due to anxiety and was unable to join TWICE in promoting their album “Eyes Wide Open,” which was released on Oct. 26 last year. Video game publisher Nexon announced on Jan. 7 that TWICE will be the first character in 2021 for the online game “Sudden Attack.” All the members of TWICE appeared in a promotional video and because of this, the term “JEONGYEON” trended on Twitter. Last October, JYP Entertainment, TWICE’s agency, issued a statement regarding Jeongyeon’s health, saying she was “experiencing psychological anxiousness in moving forward with her schedule.” “Therefore, after deep discussions with Jeongyeon herself and other TWICE members, we have decided that it is needed for Jeongyeon to have sufficient rest and absolute stability, accompanied by professional medical measures,” the agency added. The agency added “because we value our artists’ mental and physical health more than anything, we inform you that Jeongyeon will be unable to attend TWICE’s activities regarding the 2nd Full Album for the time being. We ask for your love and support for Jeongyeon’s full recovery.”
  13. Is thread is to discuss all about Shallow, the unmatchable hit 😌❤️
  14. Any fans of Lana Del Rey Here? Stream her new single Chemtrails Over The Country Club
  15. Welcome to the Official Madonna Discussion on LGN Please let’s keep it nice, since we really respect and appreciate the Queen of Pop. ______________ Today March 19, Madonna has released the remixes from her 1995 single “Bedtime Story” which was co-written by Björk. Stream here.
  16. Katy Perry is an awesome artist imo, I would love a collab with her and gaga
  17. In an interview for Variety, Rina Sawayama talks about the possibility of starring in the opening act of the Chromatica Ball Tour. She said: "I'll be at every show if possible. I love wishing that would happen. I know she knows about me, so I send her positive vibes. It would be crazy." 💓⚔️ Do you like Rina's music? I love her a lot! Her voice is phenomenal and I love how much she adores gaga. Her cover of Dance in the Dark is so good!
  18. Hello! Any BLINKs here? We can talk about our four queens in this topic ❤️ You can answer these questions to start this topic. 1. What’s your favorite album? 2. What’s your favorite song? 3. What’s your favorite music video? 4. Who’s your Bias? 5. Who’s your Bias breaker? 6. How did you know about BLACKPINK? Here are my answers: 1. Kill This Love 2. Stay 3. How You Like That 4. Jisoo ❤️ 5. Lisa 6. I know them his their debut, but I’m a blink since Kill This Love era.
  19. Welcome to the K-Pop Discussion on LGN! 안녕하세요! Here you can discuss anything related to our favorite Korean groups and acts! We alreaddy have a thread for BLACKPINK, TWICE and GOT7.
  20. Apple Music pays out around a cent per stream, according to a new report from The Verge. Their competitor, Spotify, pays out a half-a-cent or sometimes one-third. Spotify hates talking about per stream items because they feel like it's misleading. Spotify and Apple Music's business models are different as well. Spotify offers an ad-supported version while Apple Music is subscription only. Spotify has 345 million total users, of which 155 million are paying Spotify Premium customers. Apple has “more than 60 million subscribers” as of June 2019, and more recent estimates have it at 72 million. More on : https://www.theverge.com/2021/4/16/22387453/apple-music-artist-payment-rate-per-stream-vs-spotify What are your thoughts on this? Most artists can't make a living on streams alone. And it's really unjust to pay then a cent or half per stream.
  21. Just a lil mix I made last month. :) It's nothing show stopping, I pretty much just messed with several parts of the song to make it longer and have some more flair. The ending is my favorite part personally. :D
  22. Beyoncé's website added a new picture, a new fan-edited picture, where her husband, Jay-Z, has been edited into Lady Gaga.
  23. VULTURE ranks ARTPOP putting Sexxx Dreams, G.U.Y. and Gypsy in the Top 3 of the album. "ARTPOP has, for nearly a decade, occupied a peculiar spot on the pop-disco shelf. In many ways, the album reinvented electronic-pop music. Though that's what Lady Gaga has always done as an artist, she translates emotional labor into better listening experiences; her music is spiritual to the point of ecstasy, with lyrics that evoke memories and fantasies of romance or sex or agony. ARTPOP, though, remains one of one in her catalogue, and from the lustful "Sexxx Dreams" to the rawness of "Gypsy", it epitomizes the mission of its Mother." Read the full article here: https://www.vulture.com/article/lady-gaga-artpop-songs-ranked.html Do you agree with the ranking?
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